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Thanks, great observations. Once pointed-out, the parallels are striking.


Very sobering.


These are very graphic & disturbing images. But, I realize that it is reality in some communities.

My heart goes out to both the African-American communities and the Palestinian communities (wherever they may be. Gaza seems especially tough).

At the last Dem convention in 2012 there was pushback on some pro-Israel platform language. That pushback hinted of a shift in the usual party stance on that issue.

I hope that compassion for the plight of Palestinians is elevated at this coming convention. That shift is long overdue, imo.


Humanity has a long way to go, don’t we? I keep hoping we will become better.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Great article on DKOS/TOP/whatever on this on how AIPIC

EXCLUSIVE: How AIPAC is using black leaders to erase Palestinian suffering from the DNC platform


And Juan Cole today suggests that the Democratic Party should change its name to the Colonial Party

Clintonites in Democratic Party Back Settler Colonialism (Not a 1905 Headline)


I am looking forward to meeting Max Blumenthal later next week at Netroots Nation in St. Louis

Max has made a powerful case for the Palestinians over the last few years. And he got a panel at NN this time.

I was searching the web for some reason and Glenn Greenwald attended at least one of the very early NN when Dkos headed it and back in the day that he exposed W Bush he was a hero in liberal circles. A couple of years later he proposed a panel with Glenn, Daniel Ellsberg and others and it was not accepted. \

This will make my fifth trip and last time I thought that they were too much in the pocket of the dem party so I didn’t think I would go again. A friend lives in St. Louis and it is not that far away, so I am going this year.

Is anyone reading this going? Would like to meet you in person.