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T and R, pb4!! 🙂 I have been dialed in on the Boobtooz since this am. Man, I hope this one is for real, and not another cheap media trick. 🙁


An interesting interview to read before the Peoples Convention:

Interview: The League of Revolutionary Black Workers

Two industrial workers, members of Detroit’s League of Revolutionary Black Workers, share experiences with political organizing and education.

Darryl “Waistline” Mitchell and Donald Abdul Roberts (Waistline and Abdul, respectively) grew up in times that resonate with our own: police brutality was radicalizing many young Black activists in Detroit. Both men were present when the League of Revolutionary Black Workers was formed, a year after what many call the Detroit Rebellion. Although today many argue that the best outlet for social change, particularly in response to police brutality against Black people, is in the electoral sphere, Waistline and Abdul offer a different perspective on power: power on the assembly line.

“Me being born in 1952, by the time I was 11, I was prepared to take my place in the industrial system. And being Black meant I was a descendent of slaves. We had to enter the system on the basis of the color question, fight it out on our own. The others did it on the basis of the “ethnic question.” Here is an example: in America, you came from Poland, you were at the bottom of the order because you were Slavic. If you were Irish, you came in, but below the English. Before Blacks entered, there was a pecking order based on ethnicity. So we had to fight it on the basis of the color question.”

“The police would pull up and grab you as you came back from school. We called it the colonial status of Blacks in America. No such thing as rebellions not caused by police murder, and it’s been like that since slavery. We witnessed that with George Floyd.”


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HAH! Beto comes through once again.😮🙄🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️



Guess early voting shows Markey winning.


The writer seems to be on the ‘everyone should be required to be vaccinated’ by a Covid vaccine. I am not.

It’s too soon and unproven.

I’m already subjected to facial recognition on most days on my way into work (if the device is working)-that was without my permission. (I only learned about that when I received the invoice, that I’m sure almost everyone thinks are merely temperature measuring devices)

Could Employers and States Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations?

What can employers require?
Private employers have significant flexibility for requiring vaccination. Yet few businesses outside of health care facilities have done so, partly out of fear that employees would consider these policies to be unacceptable invasions of their personal lives.

There is a risk in a unionized workplace that a mandatory vaccination policy could be struck down if it violates a collective bargaining agreement. However, unlike government-mandated policies, these would not be subject to constitutional restrictions.

Employers may also be concerned that if policies do not include significant religious exemptions, workers could sue, claiming religious discrimination. However, it is unlikely that federal law would require employers to accommodate employees requesting a religious exemption to a COVID-19 vaccine. Under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the federal law prohibiting religious discrimination in the workplace, employers are not required to accommodate religious employees if doing so involves more than a de minimis, or minimal cost.

Certainly, in the midst of one of the worst public health and financial crises in recent history, there is a significant cost to having an unimmunized workforce.




Here is a youtube link to the People”s Party Convention.👇


I’m getting a 502 Bad Gateway message on their website now (it was working fine not too long ago).

Does this work for you all?


This link is working for me:



“the neoliberal ascendency”!!