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It is also being covered on CNN’


Just awful what has happened. My thoughts are with the officers (DART–transit, DPD) who are fighting for their lives and tried to keep protesters safe. 4 are dead now. From DPD:

Tomorrow I’ll post in an open thread a suggestion had about tweaking the US Code on police conduct. But tonight, I can only think of the protesters who were marching peacefully, and the officers who braved the shots of the snipers.

Star Strider

That is just sick on so many levels.

Homicide is wrong no matter who does it.

This is yet another example of what the status quo is doing to this nation. It’s only going to get worse unless we make some revolutionary changes and give power back to the people.


Corey Robin has written an excellent essay examining the climate surrounding the current incident.


That was a thoughtful essay, phatkhat. Thanks for the link.

The quote from the philosopher, John Drabinski, that Corey includes really hit home for me-a snippet:

In my corner of the world, I keep seeing the phrase “extra-judicial killing” over the last couple of days. Like, I’m seeing it a lot a lot. Everywhere.

I find this to be a really interesting and important phrase. Technically or by strict definition, that’s exactly what these police murders of Black people are: killings by the state without the adjudication of guilt or innocence, killing outside the law without consequences for that killing. But rhetorically, for me anyway, the phrase “extra-judicial killing” is the way we used to characterize military and militaristic dictatorships in 1980s and 1990s Latin America.

Ever since I began noticing that the Israelis were assassinating terror ‘suspects’, that is something I’ve thought a lot about. Then the invasion of Iraq, where our troops seemed to feel empowered to kill terror ‘suspects’ (not that this is a new thing on the battlefield) and, of course, we still do that today using drones. Judged to be guilty and killed, with no chance to prove innocence.

It does seem to be what the police too often do with African-Americans. They say later that they feared for their lives and almost always that has allowed them to get away with it.

I don’t even know if the shooting suspects are African-American, but I will say that I’ve often wondered how long would it take before African-Americans just couldn’t take it anymore, how long before they shoot back.


What horrible news to wake up to. I went to bed at 9:15 last night, so I must have just missed the breaking news coverage.

This one hits close to home. Dallas is my hometown. My father was a police officer for a Dallas suburb. Whenever I go back to visit I’m either at Union Station – a block or two from the old red courthouse, or the Greyhound station – on Lamar Street – very near to where the attacks happened. I’m a DART rider, so I’ve had interaction with the DART police as well – always pleasant – giving me directions, etc..

I just don’t even know what to say, other than my prayers are with the victims and their families.


My old job-site was directly at the location of this event, tragic stuff and crazy times, probably to only get even crazier. I’ll try and post updates on this throughout the day.