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I share your faith in Bernie and how he might weather the storm.

But a Senate Trial, Hearings and a Vote involve 6 day weeks for 6-8 weeks.

It will be an involuntary absence from the Primary trail in January and February.

IMHO—worst case scenario for Bernie.

And the Dems appear to be going in that direction no matter what.


I honestly don’t know much about Saagar but this is part of the reason that Krystall is no longer with MSNBC.



This interview shows her consistency


This video is over 2 years old but it quite relevant today. It is worth a view.


T and R, WD13!! 🙂 Krystal Ball sounds like a stage name, not a real one. A little OT. I have read a lot of Chris Hedges. He irritates me in that he never has any sort of solution to what he raves about. A peaceful, positive one would be nice; but he looks at it as some sort of fantasy.

Ben Brown
Ben Brown

I can’t even tell you how disgusted I am with this post. Krystal (here real name, given by her parents, no need to mock that) has done more than nearly any other media person not directly working for/with Bernie to elevate his views and his candidacy. In fact she has so tirelessly pushed Bernies agenda that I rather assumed that she was covertly working in concert with the campaign. And now this post attacking her program. Get over it. If the Bernie crowd is going to start a circular firing squad then I am going to assume that you are trying to drive down voter participation and I am out of here. Sorry for my harsh tone but I thought this campaign was better than that.


Comments and or posts are made to stimulate a conversation. I see that this one got you to participate which is a good thing.? For the most part we are all Bernie supporters but we express ourselves in different ways.


Get over yourself. It’s “her” not “here.” You also missed “Bernie’s.” This is a political discussion; and if it bothers you, don’t read it.


agree with humphrey. welcome to our discussions!


I dont trust The Hill a bit (they literally are sponsored daily on the frontpage by healthcare groups, etc). However they are savvy and one of the few outlets to do what I said they should be doing years ago and embracing social media/streaming. Youtube has enormous outreach. People who play fortnite and upload a video get millions of views a day. Smart entrepreneurs like Tim Black, Kyle, David Doel, etc got up and running on their own, TYT as well (with the help of some big money), but big media kept pushing back, putting very little of their content/interviews/etc up for the masses to view, and thus they continued to die, continue to fight the platforms content, etc etc. The Hill knows where the young viewers are, and what they want to see, and have found two very engaging hosts to help bring that content. They are among the best at articulating various parts of the campaign in the media thus why I link to them often. However it is certainly fair and accurate to say that their non liberal guests often get away with sly remarks about Bernie, statements that go unchallenged, etc. Sometimes I do see a pushback, but certainly not all. All in all I much rather them be the hosts and the majority of the airtime and having others on to commentate, rather than a centrist host with them as regular guests.

(Sorry, typed in a rush so I could get the morning post up and I have no time to go back and actually edit for grammar and spelling, etc. Hope it makes some sort of sense.)


I agree Wind Dancer that they are wrong on impeachment. All eyes will be on Congress during impeachment and not on the primary. Bernie has surrogates like AOC and can appear by video at events.

In any case although I like Krystal a lot, Saagar does not have our best interests at heart. If he’s promoting Bernie, his real aim is to hurt Dems. He definitely is not hoping Bernie becomes president.

Saagar Enjeti is a Washington Correspondent and Host of ‘Rising’ at The Hill TV. He was just named 2019-20 Tony Blankley Fellow by Steamboat Institute. Saagar is also a Media Fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington DC where he co-hosts The Realignment podcast.

The Steamboat Institute is a conservative nonprofit organization located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was founded in 2008 by Rick and Jennifer Schubert-Akin.[1] The organization’s stated mission is to “promote America’s first principles and inspire active involvement in the defense of liberty.”[

The Hudson Institute is a politically conservative, 501 non-profit American think tank based in Washington, D.C. It was founded in 1961 in Croton-on-Hudson, New York, by futurist, military strategist, and systems theorist Herman Kahn and his colleagues at the RAND Corporation.


One issue is just the number of bad pundits and the sheer amount of bad info
If every second was spent correcting errors or blatant lies no content could be scheduled. Outlets need to do a better job of not inviting guests who are so willing to shill under their bannerheads… unless they of course want that.misinfo out there

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