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I think Pete DeFazio of Oregon could be on that list, given his progressive record. PB4, good lion?


This is a perfect place for this.

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By clicking on the image it is almost readable.


Fortunately my lap top has touch magnify so was able to see Kind from Wi is on the list.A Corp Dem in a state that went strong for Bernie


John Conyers keeps busy.


T and R, Subir!! 🙂 Conyers has served Motown proudly for years. Wish we could clone him!

Don midwest
Don midwest

How our current political crisis began in Detroit…

Thom Hartmann interviews author of book “The Fifty-Year Rebellion: How the U.S. Political Crisis Began in Detroit”

Detroit target for right wing

Don midwest
Don midwest

If in Detroit, suggest trip to Mowtown Museum

Mowtown Museum