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HomeUncategorizedProgressive Summer Lee Claims Victory In PA’s 34th State House District Primary
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Terrific! 🙂 In other news, Bill Nelson (FL RW-FL) came out in favor of the bitch of torture who will be the next CIA Director. We gals have come a long way, baby!? Don’t. Think. So. 🙁


Four Pennsylvania state House candidates backed by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) won their Democratic primaries, marking another milestone in the radical left’s march into electoral politics.

The wins by the four candidates ― all women unseating men ― were the product of a variety of political forces and groups. But in a country where “socialist” remains an epithet in certain quarters, the growing electoral success of a once-marginal socialist organization is an especially notable political development.

According to Arielle Cohen, co-chair of Pittsburgh DSA, it reflects a revival of the socialist-leaning economic left in the wake of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) 2016 presidential bid.

“It feels like a monumental shift,” Cohen said. “We won on popular demands that were deemed impossible. We won on health care for all; we won on free education.”

“We’re turning the state the right shade of red tonight,” she added.


From what I understand, with Costa part of a deeply embedded political family, this is big.