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(I posted this last night on yesterday’s open thread, but it probably was in too late to be noticed. Worth saying again.) The pipeline people haven’t a care about what they destroy! This is quite significant…

A mere 75 feet from the edge of the DAPL pipeline corridor lies Iyokaptan Tanka, the Big Dipper. Source: Case 1:16-cv-01534-JEB Document 29-1 Filed 09/02/16 Page 4 of 11

Big Dipper Stones
Big Dipper Stones
(image by Court Documents) License DMCA

This stone feature, which is a physical depiction of a constellation across a large area, is very rare to find within the Great Plains and within Oceti Sakowin homelands. This is only the third time I have seen one identified and recorded during my lifetime. I know how much importance the Elders and spiritual advisors place on this star constellation, this constellation was a measuring stick for leadership, who fasted or vision quested in the “cup” of the Big Dipper to make the ultimate commitment to the people. This is the last level to attain as a Chief and very few Chiefs made it to the seventh level in leadership, as I have been told. Only a Chief or Itancha can stand in the cup of the Dipper.

To find a grave attached to the cup means the leader was “was beyond reproach.” This is one of the most significant archeological finds in North Dakota in many years.



Thanks for finding this gem !


Here is another link with more information.


Such concerns were given greater force at the end of August when the tribe’s heritage expert, Tim Mentz, Sr., was allowed by an area rancher to survey land around the pipeline’s proposed route. On September 2, Mentz filed a declaration of his findings in United States District Court in Washington, DC, as part of the tribe’s attempt to halt construction under the National Historic Preservation Act.

In his survey, Mentz says, he discovered “82 stone features and archaeological sites, including 27 burial sites.” Some extended into the area of the pipeline (which he was not directly allowed to access), while others were near enough to it to be endangered by construction.

“Each of these sites,” he wrote, “carries great historic, religious, and cultural importance to the people of Standing Rock, other tribes of the Oceti Sakowin, and me personally.”


Thanks grapevine


Bernie to speak at pipeline White House protest next week

“On Tuesday, September 13th, people around the country are taking part in a day of action in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against the Dakota Access Pipeline. We’re calling on President Obama to instruct the Army Corps of Engineers to revoke the permits for this dirty oil pipeline.

For months, indigenous activists have set up prayer camps along the pipeline route in a historic feat of nonviolent resistance. Tribal Nations are taking The Army Corps of Engineers to court over the unjust pipeline approval process, but President Obama could step in any time and say “no” to this whole thing, like he did for Keystone XL.

The Dakota Access Pipeline must be stopped. This pipeline would carry toxic fracked oil from North Dakota across four states, and under the Missouri River immediately upstream from the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. It is a threat to the sacred land and water of native communities and a disaster for the climate.

Join us on Tuesday at 5 PM to call on President Obama to stop Dakota Access! We will gather on Pennsylvania Avenue, between Lafayette Square and the White House.

Speakers will include: Senator Bernie Sanders, Tara Houska with Honor the Earth, Chase Iron Eyes with Sacred Stone Camp, and other native leaders from North Dakota.”


There needs to be a way to represent the rest of us! You know, the majority who can’t go to DC. Like the net neutrality protests where they projected hundreds of thousands of names of people who signed petitions on the buildings at the protest.


I have received emails about solidarity protests around the country on Tuesday next week. If you do a web search you should be able to see if there is one near you. I have to work as do so many others. I wish they “professionals” would understand that when they schedule these things on week days most of us can’t attend.


Thank you grapevines! Calling in the National Guard is quite an intensification of events and I tend to think it was done to send a message. The water protectors, as the protesters seem to like calling themselves, are already very tense as it is.

Is it just me, or does it seem that eminent domain is being used more as a tool by corporations these days?

Eminent Domain? Iowans Sue to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline, Say It Provides No Public Service

Welcome to Democracy Now!, Bill Hanigan. Isn’t the Dakota Access pipeline a private company?

BILL HANIGAN: Good morning. Thank you for having me. Dakota Access is absolutely a private company. It’s a multibillion-dollar corporation owned by about five other multibillion-dollar corporations.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: So, how, then, were they—was the company able to get access to the land of the folks that you are representing?

BILL HANIGAN: I represent about 15 Iowa landowners, all of them farmers. And Dakota Access is using in Iowa the power of eminent domain. The power of eminent domain is the authority of the state to take real estate and other assets for public purposes. And Dakota Access has applied to and obtained the power of eminent domain from our Iowa Utilities Board. So they have represented to the state that they are a public pipeline that is providing a common carriage service for the benefit of Iowans and the nation, and therefore they should be entitled to use the power of eminent domain. And about that, we very much disagree.



Time For Obama and Clinton To Oppose The Dakota Access Pipeline
September 8, 2016
Isaiah J. Poole

This confrontation over the Dakota Access Pipeline challenges President Obama, the Democratic candidate who is seeking to succeed him, Hillary Clinton, and Congress to be clear whose side they are on – Native and non-Native Americans seeking to protect vital waterways and land from the risks of oil spills (and to stop global warming by leaving oil in the ground and using renewables instead) or the fossil fuel industry and its pursuit of profits at the expense of people and the planet.

So far, neither Obama, Clinton nor congressional leaders – with the exception of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont – have taken a firm stand with the activists seeking to block the pipeline, which would deliver oil from the Bakken fields in North Dakota and Montana through Iowa and Illinois. However, Oliver Semans of the Native Organizers Alliance told OurFuture.org on Thursday that it will soon become a lot more difficult for leading politicians to dodge the question.

That’s because when a group of tribal leaders delivered letters Thursday in opposition to the pipeline to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Omaha, Neb., which is the agency granting permits for pipeline construction, the leaders were told that they would soon notify Congress that the Corps was granting an easement for continued construction of the pipeline, Semans said. Congress would then have 14 days to call for hearings that would suspend the easements and pause construction.

Read the whole article at the link.


Good news


The U.S. government moved on Friday to halt a controversial oil pipeline project in North Dakota that has angered Native Americans, blocking construction on federal land and asking the company behind the project to suspend work nearby.

The move came shortly after U.S. District Judge James Boasberg in Washington rejected a request from Native Americans for a court order to block the project. The government’s action reflected the success of growing protests over the planned pipeline that have drawn international support and sparked a renewal of Native American activism.

“This case has highlighted the need for a serious discussion on whether there should be nationwide reform with respect to considering tribes’ views on these types of infrastructure projects,” the U.S. Departments of Justice, Army and Interior said in a joint statement released minutes after Boasberg made his ruling.


We as a country, are finally getting back to basic issues. The genocide of Native American people has been (almost) totally denied here on Turtle Island – a more correct name than “america” which comes from Amerigo Vespucci. Nothing against Italians, it’s that we are learning to go deeper, and listen to , and acknowledge, Native language , history, mannerisms, and basic spiritual truths. They are the First Nation People.
We see right now at Standing Rock the ugliness of the age old (mis) treatment of Native People/Native Land by the Colonial system- attack dogs, bulldozers, lies, dis-respect,violence,treaty breaking. The ugliness is there for ALL to see now, an ugliness with which Native People have lived for over 500 years ! This witnessing of the ugliness by non-native peoples is a good thing only in that it is the first step toward acknowledging past wrongs and looking toward healing these (unbelievable) injustices. We all live on Native ground. The acknowledgement of this very basic fact is a first step toward healing. The second step is to offer prayers to our Native Leaders for a return of good life, peace and harmony on their ancestral lands. We are the ones to begin this healing; our government will not. This issue will be re-opened though – in the courts, leading up to the “supreme” court ! All Rise! The violation of All treaties will rear its ugly head …finally..and who can openly support violating a treaty ? The colonial, patriarchal system will do anything to keep from facing its own nature. Here is where we non-natives can help. We can insist on addressing these issues in an open, honest way. We can insist on a just resolution. AND, we can insist that our government acknowledge past injustices against Native People and that our government finally APOLOGIZE to all Native people for those injustices. Pope Francis did it, surely our government can be brave enough to go second ! The healing of our country has already begun due to the brave actions of the Lakota People with hundreds of other Tribal allies standing in solidarity beside them. If we non-native people continue to also stand in solidarity with Tribal People for the protection of Earth, Water, Fire, and all beings on Mother Earth, we can truly begin to reverse old patterns of disrespect and injustice and we can begin to move forward together in respect and healing. All good fortune, blessings and benefit to First Nation People !


When you think about it, there seem to be some striking parallels here between the Native Americans/pipeline people and Palestinians/settlers. Why is it that it is okay to steal someone’s land and well-being if you are from the “right” race/culture/financial caste?


Why indeed ? I’d like to know the number of people who oppose injustice, wherever it may arise, as opposed to those who fully support injustice. I’d bet 99% v 1%. Numbers v power all over again.


Our Revolution endorsed candidate Mike Connolly won his primary election for the Massachusetts House last night. He upset the Dem incumbent, winning 54% of the vote.


“Occupy Boston participant Mike Connolly who failed to get elected to the City Council of Cambridge last year, but who was recently endorsed by the Bernie Sanders organization Our Revolution, amazingly took out centrist Dem and multiple office holder with amazing name recognition Tim Toomey.”


That’s great news! Thank you jcitybone.



Looks like there were two nice wins in MA last night! w00t 🙂


I thought this was funny…funny in a kind of sad way:

If you read the comments (under Markos’ tweet) Trump is “deeply in debt to Russians”, therefore, they “own him”, therefore:


and to go from the ridiculous to the truly absurd:

So you see, if you follow Daedelean’s logic, Hillary opposes dictators because she voted for the Iraq war! There ya go, all wrapped up with a pretty bow on it. 😛

Don midwest
Don midwest

Glenn Greenwald on Putin bashing and Obama with a reasonable position

WHEN A MAJOR PARTY CYNICALLY ESPOUSES a set of beliefs as a tactic for winning an election, those beliefs get entrenched in popular discourse and often endure well past the election, with very significant consequences. The most significant such rhetorical template in the 2016 election – other than the new Democratic claim that big money donations do not corrupt the political process – is that Russia is a Grave Enemy of the U.S.; anyone who advocates better relations or less tensions with Moscow is a likely sympathizer, stooge or even agent of Putin; and any associations with the Kremlin renders one’s loyalties suspect.

Literally every week ushers in a new round of witch hunts in search of domestic Kremlin agents and new evidence of excessive Putin sympathies. The latest outburst was last night’s discovery that Donald Trump allowed himself to be interviewed by well-known Kremlin propagandist and America-hater Larry King on his RT show. “Criticizing US on Russian TV is something no American, much less an aspiring prez, should do,” pronounced Fred Kaplan. Other guests appearing on that network include Soviet spy Bernard Sanders (who spoke this year to Putin crony and RT host Ed Schultz), Bill Maher (whose infiltrates American culture through his cover as a comedian hosting an HBO program), and Stephen Hawking (whom the FSB has groomed to masquerade as a “physicist” while he carries out un-American activities on behalf of Putin).

What’s Behind Barack Obama’s Ongoing Accommodation of Vladimir Putin?



Koch-owned paper mill accused of “poisoning” Crossett, Arkansas.

The New Yorker:
“…as far back as the nineteen-nineties, people living near the plant have described noxious odors and corrosive effluents that have forced them to stay indoors, as well as what seems to them unusually high rates of illness and death. Speaking by phone from his home, in Sterlington, Louisiana, [former plant safety coordinator Dickie] Guice pointed the finger directly at the mill’s owners, and described a corporate coverup of air and water pollution that he says is ‘poisoning’ the predominantly African-American community.”

Well worth reading the whole story.

My husband has delivered salt (used in papermaking) to the plant there several times, and says it is nasty. And he always hated to go there and wondered how the people could stand to live with the foul air, which burns your sinuses.


I was born in a pulp and paper town. You get used to the smell (we did at least) but now I’m wondering if that is one of the reasons I’ve had asthma since I was a very young child. Mom had to rush me to the hospital more than once when I turned blue on her. We moved when I was four years old, but not everyone can afford to move out.

Polluters shouldn’t be getting the pass they get!


I appreciate the PWers who are taking up the slack right now for LD and JLD. 🙂 They’re due to have a little one in the next few months, so they have plenty on their plates! Kudos and thank you!! T and R!!


Is she pregnant again? ::hoping all is well:: (Or did you not know she lost the baby a month or two ago?)


A cool pic of one of the camps at the #NoDAPL activity. This one is near Cannon Ball, North Dakota. (attribution: Andrew Cullen / Reuters)

near Cannon Ball ND.jpg

The link I got that pic from:

The Legal Case for Blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline


Raggedy Ann

Hi everyone – I’ve been missing LD. Anyone know how he’s doing? How they’re (LD & JLD) are doing?

I’m really hoping for a positive outcome on this situation in ND. This is a huge enough is enough moment in our history. When will the people be placed before the corporations? Does everything have to revolve around someone’s profits? Rhetorical questions – no answers as it will just inflame me further!

I’m pretty disappointed that Obama is extending the post 9/11 state of emergency started by GWB. Looks like he is only interested in continuing to do the oligarch’s bidding – of course, he has turned into one of the oligarchs himself, if you think about it.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Young Turks continue to do excellent work

I joined for a year but have not figured out how to get to their regular stuff. Too much other stuff going on.

There was a youtube from Cenk recently that said that they have had 5 billion views (4 1/2 youtube and 500M on facebook)

This is one I looked at today – Hillary is a fake and playing defense and Cenk says that will lead to a loss

Hillary Holds First Press Conference In 278 Days

this is the link I followed to get that youtube .. only looked at first part

NBC Presidential Forum: The Young Turks Biggest Winner

I posted a comment today on the failure of air war by the US, but how the terrorists spent say $500M on 9/11 which led to trillions spent by the US in response. It was in the daily news round up which should have any kind of comments. Someone complained that that comment didn’t deal with the election

But I didn’t put in the comment from the young journalist who posts at commondreams.org who continues to show over and over again that the establishment democrats don’t want people like me.

Hillary Clinton Is Trying Really Hard to Repel Progressives


Gotta love those big banks! We dare not break them up!


Wells Fargo Bank, one of the nation’s largest banks, has been hit with $185 million in civil penalties for secretly opening millions of unauthorized deposit and credit card accounts that harmed customers, federal and state officials said Thursday.

Employees of Wells Fargo (WFC) boosted sales figures by covertly opening the accounts and funding them by transferring money from customers’ authorized accounts without permission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and Los Angeles city officials said.

An analysis by the San Francisco-headquartered bank found that its employees opened more than two million deposit and credit card accounts that may not have been authorized by consumers, the officials said. Many of the transfers ran up fees or other charges for the customers, even as they helped employees make incentive goals.

I wonder if Wells Fargo paid for one of Hillary’s speeches or donated to her campaign????


There’s this:

but, then this:

It sounds like the judge kicked the can down the road and postponed a decision today. But, meanwhile:


An EXCELLENT collage of photos of the protest taken by Joe Brusky.


This one in particular I found very POWERFUL.

comment image

edited to get the picture correct.


Thank you Humphrey! Very inspiring and positive and welcome. 😀


And there, at the heart of it once more, are the beautiful letters of the Overpass Light Brigade, holding what matters in the honor of their straightforward ilumination.


Things that chill my blood, seeing Chertoff at Hillary’s right hand..

I really just do not know what to think about the state of affairs these days. I could really use some good news.


I would be curious as to who else is in that grouping. Perhaps Dick Cheney or Paul Wolfowitz?


Chertoff is a busy fellow these days:

Michael Chertoff concentrates in the area of White Collar Defense and Investigations. In recent years, he has handled a series of federal investigations, including complex criminal and civil regulatory matters. He has advised major clients on SEC and Justice Department investigations and successfully served as the independent monitor of a major national healthcare company under criminal and civil investigation.

In addition to his legal work, Mr. Chertoff is Founder and Chairman of The Chertoff Group, a security and risk management firm, where he provides high-level strategic counsel to corporate and government leaders on a broad range of security issues, from risk identification and prevention to preparedness, response and recovery.

In April of 2012, Mr. Chertoff was elected as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of BAE Systems, Inc. He also sits on the board of directors or board of advisors of a number of companies and nonprofits.


But I’m sure that Chertoff is in Hillary’s National Security Working Session group out of patriotic fervor..