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Linda Thieman

Firsties, again!

Linda Thieman

In answer to question 11, I’m going to say that I think both women need each other equally. Mary needs Elizabeth to lend an air of authority and respectability, and Elizabeth needs Mary in order to give her a grander sense of freedom and life purpose. But then they both get even more than that from each other.


I ‘listened’ to this book on tape, so may have missed some of the nuances and beauty in the writing.

I recall thinking that, although the sisters were obviously privileged, they didn’t have to work and had a maid after all, that they were constricted by societal pressures that I would have chafed under.

But Elizabeth was free to roam the beach and collect her specimens, which while not a typical middle-class activity, was certainly favorable to what Mary had to deal with. From a comment in a review:

For Elizabeth, finding and collecting fossils is a passionate hobby. For Mary, it is her livelihood.

I loved this book! I’m a science geek, so the fossil-hunting part was a delight. I found myself ‘rooting’ for the main characters.

Linda Thieman

Shortly after reading this book, I found an article about a discovery of a new species of whale that might appeal to the science geek in you!

And I agree with you–I found myself rooting for them all the way, too.


I’m so happy that you’re covering a book I know a bit about. The list of questions up top make me want to read the book properly and consider deeper themes. And I need to pay better attention to the ending.

#14 in particular is one I’ll consider. The whole hunter vs. collector aspect went right over my head.