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It was kind of nice to see Maher put on the hot seat by this quiet spoken man. Julian has a nice way of calling out bullshit. And I loved the summary of what the DNC was up to given by the Luis Miranda email that he quoted.

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Assange is good insisting upon the salient details; it’s important that it was a ‘directive,’ and not merely a ‘discussion’ (as Maher attempted to characterize it) from Miranda’s office down, for instance.

Odd thing to watch Maher’s brain in action here: smart guy… but you can see the mind of a comedian intent upon the sale, looking for the closer to seal the joke; and, sometimes, the joke is not in the details when time is ticking on the set-up and he needs to skip something.

Assange has that mien of a man who’s been through worse, but isn’t giving up the smaller points now, either.

Sorry to see that Maher has, albeit reluctantly, bought hook, line & sinker into TrumpFear! Think it’s taking him off his game a bit when he’s happiest & best at skewering hypocrisy. Suspect he’s likewise having a hard time reconciling supporting Hillary with sticking to his principles (and to his reputation for not putting up with compromising bullshit).

(Once he got his “You’re taking away our last Trump defense!” pathetic Hillary card out of his system, though, I think you can clearly see that he actually admires Assange a great deal, and that he cares that Assange seems better now than before. That was rather poignant.)


Good points!


Bill: Looks like you are working with a bad actor and working with Trump to bash Clinton (paraphrase). Crowd cheers. geesh. Russia! Putin! Russia!

Forget that the DNC pushed “BernieBros are violent.” Russia!

Forget that we spy on govt. affairs ALL the time. Russia!

Forget that we are pushing up against Russia’s border with “coups” in countries we’re supposed to stay out of. Russia! Assange! Bad guys!


Interesting discussion with Bill Maher and Julian Assange. I actually have his show taped but since he came out for Hiliary, I have been deleting the shows without looking. Maybe after the elections, I will watch him again.


WikiLeaks: Emails From Hillary’s Server Expose Criminal Clinton Foundation
This is another interview with Julian Assange that covers several topics currently in the news. It us over 20 minutes long and Assange is given plenty of time to answer each question.

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