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HomeDemocratsAlan GraysonRemembering the Battle of Blair Mountain on Labor Day
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Despite his recent defeat in the primary, I am glad that Alan Grayson is not going away.


What’s he doing? I thought for sure that he would win.


Can you imagine Patrick Murphy as a senator? A Republican, I do not see a difference between him or Marco Rubio who I hope beats him so then he will be out of both the House and the Senate!

belle de jour

Somehow, people always seem to remember studying the Industrial Revolution in England… but we so rarely remember studying the Labor Revolution(s) in this country.

Thanks for posting on the perfect day for it.


This should be mandatory reading in every school. Weren’t the striking miners called “rednecks”? If so, it is our duty to remind the baggers and trumpers of who is actually always been on their side.


My hope is we don’t have to fight this battle all over again. the way corporatists have negated the union movement we may be starting almost over –very scary


Joan Baez and the Ballad of Joe Hill

A tribute to Joe Hill (1879-1915) from the AFL-CIO Union website

A songwriter, itinerant laborer, and union organizer, Joe Hill became famous around the world after a Utah court convicted him of murder.

Even before the international campaign to have his conviction reversed, however, Joe Hill was well known in hobo jungles, on picket lines and at workers’ rallies as the author of popular labor songs and as an Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) agitator.

Thanks in large part to his songs and to his stirring, well-publicized call to his fellow workers on the eve of his execution—“Don’t waste time mourning, organize!”—Hill became, and he has remained, the best-known IWW martyr and labor folk hero.

Solidarity my friends, solidarity.


Kudos to Alan Grayson, may he long be in office!!

John Sayles made a movie called Matewan in 1987. It’s been a while since I saw it, but my memory is that it’s a pretty good movie.


I do believe I saw this seems like a long, long time ago…a grim setting..but heart wrenching.
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Wow. In many ways, we do have it so much better. And I’d rather not lose more lives. But I wonder at the hidden nature of the modern, “developed” world’s attack on its people, the insidious leaking out of any say in what is done in our name, the poisoning of our aquifers and oceans, the black lives snuffed out and the white lives so circumscribed and the soldiers dying for corporations. And more, always more. What if all that was more open and our neighbors were being jailed or worse?

Would we then have the will to get rid of these despots, worldwide?

Thanks for this, NVPainter!


Great diary, Painter!