HomeIssuesIsrael-PalestineBDSRep. Eliot Engel maintains silence on Netanyahu’s Kahanist alliance and supremacist comments.
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Engel is awful, but I can’t see him going anywhere unless we have a progressive sweep in 2020 and replace Nancy. The whole thing reeks.


Perhaps, but I think it helps to keep his actions and right-wing statements on the front burner (like Subir is doing!), to raise awareness that he is part of the problem.

Progressive reps should demand his ouster. With Pelosi needing their support to remain speaker, they have the leverage to do so.


Oh def! I should’ve said great diary!

Nancy bragged to Nuttyyahoo about chairpersons like Engel, though. Showing her undying loyalty.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Support for the Zionist project, which is over 100 years old, and based on the model of colonization, is long past the sell date.

The Zionist government has declared war on the soil. The chemicals unleashed in Gaza is making the land uninhabitable.

And ongoing disasters like this bring into focus our own past which continues to the present.

When Pearl Harbor was attacked, it was a colony, not a part of the US. There was an attack at the same time of other islands like Guam and Philippines which were also colonies. Around 2 million died in Philippines which is the largest loss of life in our history, but like our colonial efforts, and the colored people, is hidden.

How the US has hidden its empire: The United States likes to think of itself as a republic, but it holds territories all over the world – the map you always see doesn’t tell the whole

Gaia will force the hand of the Zionist government, as well as every government on earth, and all the earthbounds.

From a book

“The hypothesis [of this book] is that we can understand nothing about the politics of the last 50 years if we do not put the question of climate change and its denial front and center. Without the idea that we have entered into a New Climatic Regime, we cannot understand the explosion of inequalities, the scope of deregulation, the critique of globalization, or, most importantly, the panicky desire to return to the old protections of the nation-state—a desire that is identified, quite inaccurately, with the ‘rise of populism.’”

– Bruno Latour, Down to Earth (2018; original French edition 2017)

A review of the book



T and R, Subir!! Netanyaboob is the Israeli equivalent of Nixon, only dumber. With Nancy “absolutely NO impeachment” Senile as Speaker, AIPAC Engel is going nowhere.