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Don midwest
Don midwest

as empire collapses, will dems stand up

not this time is my guess

still dreams of running the world with the war machine

imperialism attempted but not working out

Top 5 Lessons from the History of America’s Defeats


T and R for the very clever satire, Subir! 🙂 The whole situation is pathetic, tho.


Surprise, surprise, the CIA’s mouthpiece…I mean, the Washington Post wants to see Pompeo confirmed.


Fantastic work as usual Subir.

The quoted Senators are part of the usual gang: Cardin, Murphy, Schumer.

The only reason we aren’t hearing quotes from Feinstein is that she is fleeing left to try to save her skin these days (we won’t be bamboozled, hopefully we can vote her out in November). Hope the voters in Maryland, Connecticut, and New York can do the same to the snakes in their midst.


A quote from Rambo III sadly America has been added to the list and it doesn’t bother most R’s.

“Mousa: This is Afghanistan… Alexander the Great try to conquer this country… then Genghis Khan, then the British. Now Russia.(Add America) But Afghan people fight hard, they never be defeated. Ancient enemy make prayer about these people… you wish to hear?
Rambo: Um-hum.
Mousa: Very good. It says, ‘May God deliver us from the venom of the Cobra, teeth of the tiger, and the vengeance of the Afghan.’ Understand what this means?
Rambo: That you guys don’t take any shit?
Mousa: Yes… something like this.”

Our politicians haven’t learned a Damn thing from history concerning insurrection responses to invasions by the “Superpowers of History” that are not wanted in “their country”. As long as the MIC owns the Neolibcons and that we have a volunteer armed forces we will go merrily along with these “brush wars” no matter the human cost. The “Vietnam conflict” put an end to the draft and a very temporary end to the “brush wars”. But was it simply replaced by a economic draft(poor Americans) or even a racial one?