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I like Jeremy Corbyn’s to do list.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is talking more about nationalizing Britain’s energy companies, suggesting it could “take control” of major utilities like SSE Plc and Centrica Plc if the opposition wins the next election.

Key figures at the party’s conference in Brighton this week hinted that Labour is poised to go beyond its current pledges of renationalizing local grid networks, a move they say would to bring down costs for consumers and expand clean energy supplies.

To a standing ovation Corbyn pledged “to take utilities back into public ownership” during his speech to the party conference on Wednesday. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell on Tuesday vowed to bring energy companies under the “ownership and control” of “the people who use and work in them.”

And This!

The socialist frontrunner for leadership of the Labour Party wants to nationalize the railways, eliminate nuclear weapons, and make university education free.

So what exactly is Corbyn’s worldview, and how might he govern if elected prime minister of the United Kingdom? Corbyn is a self-described “socialist” or “democratic socialist,” an old-school tax-and-spend left-winger who believes government spending—not austerity—is the key to economic stimulus. He wants to close the U.K.’s budget deficit by, in part, raising taxes on the rich and ending corporate subsidies.

Domestically, he wants to renationalize the country’s much-maligned railways, scrap university tuition, and introduce rent controls. Many of these positions enjoy widespread support, though another—his support of mass immigration to the United Kingdom—does not.


I wonder if Trump is going to dismiss him for his comments?

Trump’s base won’t like comments like this.


A good news story for a change of pace.


It is good to see this happening.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The American Civil Liberties Union on Friday launched the first legal challenge to President Donald Trump’s new restrictions on people entering the United States from eight countries.

The civil rights group said in a statement that it will seek to amend an existing lawsuit in Maryland federal court that was filed against Trump’s previous March 6 ban.

In a letter filed with U.S. District Court Judge Theodore Chuang, the ACLU said the new proposal announced on Sunday violates the U.S. Constitution as well as federal immigration law.

Trump’s new ban places indefinite restrictions on travel to the United States for citizens from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad and North Korea. Certain government officials from Venezuela will also be barred.


They just wont give up.

I may be wrong but I believe this individual was a member at TOP.


I am pretty sure that this is new material.


like ally.