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yay!!!! 🔥❤️🦜🔥🎈🦜🔥🦜🦜


I did not know this about Warren:

The person who most reminds me of a debater in this entire thing: Warren. Which doesn’t surprise me, because she was a debater.

A good one, right?

She won the Bellaire tournament in Texas, which is a major speech and debate tournament. It’s still going on to this day. It still has prestige.

When the host goes, “Do you have a plan to deal with that?”—talking about Mitch McConnell—and she pauses and she says, “I do,” right? That is a quintessential moment. And it’s similar to cross-examination in debate: Someone asks you a question to trap you, you calm yourself down, you give a very short answer. (Usually the audience laughs or gives you some acknowledgement.) Then you really go into it.

Source: In Conclusion, a Top High School Debater Wasn’t Too Impressed With the Dems’ Debates

Interesting article, but there should have been some caution that a seven-minute speech with 30 prep on an assigned topic is not the same as a 30-45 second response on an unknown question.

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