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So much of the TPP has nothing to do with trade or workers rights at all. There’s too much in it that gives away our rights to corporations and big business. And the fact that everything was so secret should be a red flag.

At any rate, this platform fight should make for an interesting convention.

DNC Turbulence


It’s funny how the article states Clinton is opposed to TPP. No she’s not. Once she gets the chance, she will renegotiate the deal to include some weak tea “standards” she likes to refer to all the time. Her new deal will be a huge giveaway to her rich buddies and she will have covered her ass by “renegotiating.

Folks we have seen this movie before. It never ends well.

Joanne Murray
Joanne Murray

Exactly. She has praised the TPP to the hilt in the past. This is another example of the Clinton puffery known as political rhetoric. It’s better known as lying to get votes, for those who deal in reality.

Cora Regina
Cora Regina

“Forgainst” is the perfect portmanteau for HER relationship with TPP. Does she honestly think that any rational person would believe for one second that she’s done a legitimate 180 on it?


Good morning, everyone.

Didn’t get much sleep last night, so posted the BNR over at DK a bit late: http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/7/8/1546332/-BNR-Sanders-Campaign-s-Priority-Amendments-to-Democratic-Platform-and-StopTPPNow

Of course, it’s always quite late when I post as opposed to when @liepardestin did 🙂


This is good.

No matter how it turns out, it organizes and influences. Keeping pressure on TPP is very important.


It is too soon for Bernie to endorse her. Make the superDs vote for her – then endorse her if and when he actually loses. He cannot quit. The FBI is now investigating her for perjuring herself to Congress and the State Dept. has re-opened their investigation on whether or not someone needs to lose security clearance. Assume the govt does nothing, her polls can still tank. She’s is toxic right now. Bernie cannot quit.


Yes for those reasons and more she is a weak candidate.
I thought of calling one of the senators I trust – maybe Leahy – to point out (as if they don’t already know) that if Clinton’s delegates start to get nervous that someone should tell Schumer that a Joe Biden alternative is not acceptable and Bernie supporters will riot.
Leahy has said that he gave his word to Clinton before Bernie entered the race that he would support her. And he said he keeps his word but if Bernie won the primary he’d wholeheartedly support him.
Do you think that phone call would do any good?
Or is this something that the Dem establishment understands ?


Thanks, LD.
Good luck to Bernie, Jim Hightower and their team mates.
I’ve been continuing a bit calling for Down ballot Bernie candidates through the Bernie caller – like Tim Canova – not a huge number of calls but an hour here and there. ,I have talked to some people who are interested in learning more about Tim Canova and seem happy that he’s in the race.

Also, I find the current recommend arrow for comments on TPW easier to click on.. Thanks.LD.
The last one was tricky for me b/c it sometimes took my tap as a down rate instead of up rate and was tough to change. This seems easier.


Woo hoo! Like I said at GOS, we welcome your boos! :O)

Cora Regina
Cora Regina

If you’re not being booed by the Establishment, then you’re doing something wrong.


The very notion that Clinton actually opposes the TPP is a joke. Just more NeoLiberal fuckery, backstabbing & bait’n’switch. She’ll reorder some clauses, declare it fixed and fuck over Working People, the environment and our National Sovereignty for the benefit of her owners.

I wish Bernie was pushing for an outright rejection of the TPP and not just the no-lame-duck-sneak.

Oh, and the perjury thing. Ha. That’s another joke. She’ll suffer the same fate as James The Perjurer Clapper, which is to say absolutely none at all. She’s an Über Caster – laws and consequences are for us plebes.


Sadly, you’re probably right about the perjury charge and absolutely correct about the TPP.

I’m sure after about 15 minutes of investigation, they’ll come to the conclusion that Hillary never intended to lie and it would be unfair to punish someone who is a compulsive liar just because they told a liel He’ll go on to explain that when a person like Hillary, who can’t really tell the difference between the truth and a lie, tells a lie, it’s not really a lie, it’s just a misstatement of the truth.

He’ll go further and use the argument that it’s closely related to the scientifically proven psychological condition of affluenza. Its a condition that seems to only affect the wealthy and powerful where, due to their wealth or power, they can no longer tell the difference between the truth and a lie. He might even give it a name like purguenza.


It depends on where the meaning of lie lies!!1!!

Ahhh, I can not wait for all the drama! Maybe the network will start up the nighttime soap Dynasty again? /s


Bernie’s press release quotes her, in writing, as opposing the TPP this spring. So he’s holding her feet to the fire. We may know she’s a turncoat and her platform appointees were really taking her unstated — er, um, previously stated — position — er, um, positions, but he’s going to exploit that as much as possible. Bless him for it!

Yeah, she was for it before she was against it, but now she’s against it in writing, and he’s going to wave that before the platform committee this weekend like a flag.


Not sure if Bernie’s complete interview with Wolf Blitzer has been posted where Wolf is Wolf and Bernie refuses to be pushed into a corner of DNC ‘s making but soldiers on with what’s important to his voters and on behalf of average Americans.


Noam Chomsky interview on Who Rules the World which demonstrates his sympatico support for Bernie Sanders ‘ New Deal Solutions

The complete discussion at NY public library of the hypocrisy of Neoliberalism where Noam Chomsky honors Bernie by describing him as a “decent honest New Deal Democrat”

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