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You have got to be kidding me!! Is this fruitcake FRightwinger going to send in the military against CA, OR, WA, CO, cos they legalized pot? This is big trouble, LD. Holy shite!

Don midwest
Don midwest

Shock doctrine in action

Go after any and all who are for important efforts like women’s rights, abortion, drugs, education, ….

Actions like this bring groups together for larger actions

The pro marijuana effort has been going on for decades and gaining steam. The anti lock up was starting as it was clear that it cost money. No concern about ruined lives. But with new tax law and new control systems, ways to make more money with prisons

The number of people identifying with republicans should be getting much smaller but Trump voters are staying with him it seems ….


Gotta bust more people – especially minorities and poor people – and give them life sentences so they can make the PPCs richer, doncha know!


Cannabis is the most researched drug ever. Not one legitimate study has proven that cannabis is the dangerous gateway drug the anti cannabis zealots continually claim. No one has ever died from ingesting cannabis. The only people who want to keep cannabis illegal are big pharma, the alcohol lobby and the prison industrial complex. Hopefully, this is the last gasp of our century old drug war.

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