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Bernie will go head to head with anyone.

Too bad he was not given the opportunity to take on Trump. Thank you Democratic establishment!


This. Bernie don’t need no stinkin’ handlers.


Trumpcorp chickened out.


I love how willing Bernie shows the world he is as far as debating pretty much anyone if it’s about something he thinks is important.

I will mark my calendar for this event! It’s pathetic how much I’m appreciating CNN these days, I’m glad they’re doing this debate. MSNBC is so awful now (and FAUX is pretty much out of the question).

I hope Bernie kicks ass. It really would be unconscionable to funnel even more $$$$$ to the, what is it, 0.5%? Like they need it…



Feinstein challenger (for awhile, but only now being noticed for most part) David Hildebrand not only focusing on his own race, but on other progressive battles. A good sign leadership-wise?


Only in Canada you say? Pity. 😉

Saskatchewan group launches cheeky condom wrappers in Indigenous languages

“We are proud to offer humorous safer sex supplies that are culturally appropriate and inclusive to the Metis, Dene, and Cree Nations of northern Saskatchewan,” said Mercredi. “We thought we may as well do all three language groups for northern Saskatchewan if we’re going to do a condom campaign for them.”

The condom slogans use humour as a way to engage people in safer sex practices by placing jokes on condoms in Cree, Dene, Michif, and English, all geared towards northern Saskatchewan, said Mercredi. One design reads: ‘PIHTIKWE’ which translates to ‘Come in.’



Thank you Tulsi, very reasonable imo.




LD last Sunday. 🙂

LD w Nina woo hoo 10-8-17 b.jpg



But wait! There’s more:

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