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Good morning all. I’ll be back with some links a bit later after I get done doing some packing but wanted to throw out a point I was wishing Beto or others would make in regards to the ‘saying police shooting people is bad is inciting violence and dangerous’ because these institutions etc, etc protect the public, etc etc. They should flip the matter and ask why is that somehow controversial but the president attacking the FBI and attorney general is ok? Why is the presidents ego and possible criminality more important than minority lives? etc. etc. Cause a wedge between the newly bonded trump/cruz or cause Cruz to side with cruz and throw those ‘important’ organizations under the bus.


Beto O’Rourke v Ted Cruz: debate heats up in Texas Senate race

Turning the Lone Star state blue is a Democratic dream. And so, on Friday night in Dallas, the Republican came out fighting

It underlines America’s strange and turbulent political moment that the highest-profile and most intriguing battle in November’s midterm elections is in one of the most predictably Republican states.

“We have a real race in the state of Texas,” the Republican senator Ted Cruz said during a bruising debate with Beto O’Rourke on Friday. “The hard left is energised, they are angry, many of them are filled with hatred for President Trump.”

Less than three years ago, before Donald Trump surged clear, Cruz was arguably the favourite for the Republican presidential nomination. Now he faces a scrap to keep his Senate seat amid swelling Democratic optimism that a “blue wave” can gain a majority in the House of Representatives and perhaps even the Senate.

Democrats need to pick up two seats to take the Senate, though the House is a more realistic target. Winning back either chamber would help them stymie Trump’s agenda and show they are in a strong position to win the White House in 2020.

Challenging Cruz is O’Rourke, a charismatic politician from the border city of El Paso who was a virtual unknown a year ago. Cruz is the frontrunner but O’Rourke has the momentum and attention.


Cruz is also considered a slime mold by the majority of his fellow Senators of both parties. They are hoping O’Rourke wins though you’ll never hear them say it publicly.





Big shite. She’s the rotten reason why we have tRump. If it had been anyone else, a D (phony or otherwise) would be in the WH now. I am so over this Clinton bunch!


Isnt that what they said in 2016 too?


Christ sakes now she’ll run again after hearing that poll


Millions of dead chickens and pigs found in hurricane floods

In North Carolina 3.4 million chickens and 5,500 hogs have been confirmed killed as massive lagoons are discharging fecal soup


Poop soup mixed with coal ash. Talk about maximum ecological damage. That mix is worse than the green disaster we’re dealing with in FL.



Pipeline Leaks 63,840 Gallons of Produced Water in North Dakota

A pipeline released 63,840 gallons (1,520 barrels) of produced water that contaminated rangeland in Dunn County, North Dakota, the Bismarck Tribune reported, citing officials with the North Dakota Department of Health.

Produced water is a byproduct of oil and gas extraction, and can contain drilling chemicals if fracking was used.

The pipeline is part of a gathering system owned by Dallas-based oil and gas producer Petro-Hunt LLC, which discovered the leak on Wednesday.

Bill Suess with the North Dakota Department of Health told Grand Forks Herald they were able to stop the produced water from reaching a nearby dry creek bed.

Fossil fuel explorations and operations produce an incredible amount of wastewater. Oil and gas reservoirs often contain water, which is brought to the surface along with the hydrocarbons. The fracking process itself also involves large quantities of chemically laden water being shot at high pressures into shale. Once fracking is done, much of the fracking fluid comes back up the well as “flowback” wastewater.

Dunn County, located in western North Dakota and part of the prolific Bakken Shale oilfield, is “known for its oil activity,” according to the county website.

The cause of the leak is now under investigation. The North Dakota health department has investigated the site and will continue monitoring the investigation and remediation.


Keystone XL pipeline route would not harm environment: State Department

The U.S. State Department on Friday issued an environmental assessment of a revised route for the Keystone XL crude pipeline that concluded it would not harm water or wildlife, clearing a hurdle for the project that has been pending for a decade.

Even if the pipeline spilled crude oil along its revised route through Nebraska, a top concern of environmentalists, there would likely be no impact to groundwater, the nearly 340-page draft review said.

“Prompt cleanup response would likely be capable of remediating the contaminated soils before the hazardous release reaches groundwater depth,” the review said.

Last month a federal judge in Montana had ordered the State Department to conduct the review of a revised route of the project to take into account new information relevant to a permit it issued for the pipeline last year.

The review also said implementing the revised route would have “no significant direct, indirect or cumulative effects on the quality of the natural or human environments.”

U.S. President Donald Trump is eager to see the building of the pipeline, which was axed by former President Barack Obama in 2015 on environmental concerns relating to emissions that cause climate change.


The state dept is full of


My fave! 🙂

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