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Thanks for your post bebimbob.

Just imagine what scientific discoveries could be accomplished if the money wasn’t wasted in military spending.

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Slam dunk Humphrey, Trump will push that well over 600 billion.Hopefully NASA got the Mirror right on this one, Current “known” manned spacecraft don’t go that far out for a service call like Hubble.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Yes, but technology spin off are wonderful!

Look at the spin offs for NASA which gets funding as part of the military budget

But as Ballard points out, one year of NASA would fund 1,600 years of NOAA

And Ballard gave TED talk in 2008

Since that was almost 10 years ago, doing arithmetic, 10 years, times 1,600, means since the talk there has been 16,000 times more spend on NASA than on NOAA which includes the study of the oceans

That math is probably way off, but the military budget would fund science, combat global climate change

I may have posted this before

AIME‏ @AIMEproject Jul 12

Hard to start a holiday learning of the role of (some) humans as the agent of the sixth extinction of species-do you feel ok as a meteorite?

How do people in a “democracy” relate to being an agent of the sixth extinction??? Well, it was the government…. Well, ….

As the City on the Hill, are we also accountable???

AIME‏ @AIMEproject Jul 13

It’s one thing to be the historical agent of emancipation of the human race but another to be the agent of the 6th extinction of non-humans.

AIME project is Bruno Latour’s effort


Some countries are getting there.

Renewables continue to take the world by storm, which is good news for the climate.

Because of less expensive and more efficient technology, about one quarter of all Australian households now have solar panels. This process is uneven, with a rush to put them up recently because of a fall in the price of the panels. The adoption of solar may slow next year. But the technology is such that there will certainly be more periods of rapid adoption. Before you know it, all Australian homes will be run on solar power. Incidentally, if you run an electric car off the solar panels, it causes the payback period to fall for both. Even OPEC and big oil have vastly increased their estimate of the number of electric vehicles on the road in 2040.

Case Western Reserve University scientists have found a way to boost panel output by 10%, and the breakthrough is now being tested for durability. If you follow these things, such reports of improved solar efficiency or fall in costs (which is the same thing) are quite common. The potential for technological breakthroughs is so high given the R&D money being thrown at solar research that all projections about the future are ‘way too conservative.


T and R, bebimbob! 🙂