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This sort of boggles my brain. It is hard to visualize the immensity of it all.


© Chandra X-ray Observatory Center
© Chandra X-ray Observatory Center / Reuters
Astronomers have long pondered how many galaxies might exist in the universe – and the answer appears to be a staggering two trillion. The figure, obtained from Hubble Telescope images, has shocked scientists who estimated the number to be at least 10 times smaller.
Space exploration
The finding wasn’t easy to come by. An international team of scientists examined deep space images taken by the Hubble from over the past 20 years, and converted them into 3D pictures. From there, they measured the number of galaxies at different times in the history of the universe, going back more than 13 billion years – near the time of the ‘Big Bang.’

The researchers, led by Christopher Conselice of the University of Nottingham, also used new mathematical models which allowed them to infer the existence of galaxies which telescopes cannot observe. The team’s findings are detailed in the Astrophysical Journal.

Eileen R
Eileen R

Both sections, the cancer cures and the camouflage video, are really interesting, thanks, bebimbob. I will try to pass on the link.


I agree! How cool. Thank you, @bebimbob!


Add me to the Thx to bebimbob

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