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@Bebimbob How funny, the techno babble of Star Trek is becoming reality. To me its a matter of time before SiFi becomes reality in todays world. Also Bebimbob Number 52 coming up for an anniversary of sorts –THANKS!!! for what you do-keep it going.


yes, thanks, Beimbob! Love space stuff and images.


Extra great Science Sunday post for #50 @bebimbob!

Love the space stuff, those photos are nuts (can’t wait to show hubby later).

I saw that bit about the gravitational wave:

Albert Einstein hypothesized these ripples in the fabric of space-time a century ago. Now scientists have detected them for the 3rd time, from distant black hole collisions.


But I loved the video clip you included!

The ‘mind-reading’ story was very interesting. Since I was a teenager, just beginning to study the brain, I realized that this sort of thing was only a matter of time. I love how they frame the ability to “read” a person’s mind within the context of how it might provide better images of an eye-witness’s account of a crime. I’m pretty sure that won’t be the main use of such a tool.

Thank you for all of your work putting this together!

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