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Looking at what drones can do nowadays, I definitely would not want to be a soldier on the ground or a sailor on a ship in the next war.


Yep the more automation advances Drones, robotics etc. its going to render the trillions spent on the current military tools of the trade obsolete. Jets with drones or auto pilot will make useless jets with human pilots. Ive wondered if laser tech has proceeded to the point if a sub orbital plane with a laser on board could take out navel surface fleets by targeting fuel tanks or ordnance storage areas. The main damage to the Arizona was when a bomb made a direct hit on its ordnance storage area. Thiers a lot of testing going on at area 51,52 and Vandenberg that we’ll never know about. I figure they’ll do what they can to keep Trump away from those areas 🙂


we have our applicant for the job 🙂 Note probably more qualified than anyone trump would hire.

Fourth grader submits adorable application for NASA’s “alien protector” job


T and R, bebimbob!!