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It’s just Democrats do a terrible job of highlighting the distinction, and sometimes—like in this case—there isn’t one. (Esquire has reached out to Neal’s spokesperson for comment.) The time for Big Business Democrats has come and gone. Take a cue from some of your party’s presidential nominees, who are pledging not to accept any corporate PAC money for a reason. Don’t take a cue from the fakers who are making that pledge, then turning around and taking money from corporate lobbyists.


On cue. Yeah we all trust our insurance coverage.


The Federation of American Hospitals was quick to criticize the plan. “Medicare for All means that Americans would lose the coverage they trust,” the trade group representing for-profit hospitals said in a statement opposing the bill. “It will force patients into an untested system that will disrupt care for every American.”


Anyone have a list of the Democrats who are supporting this? The usual suspects, I’m assuming, but it’s still good to know who would attach their name to such a flagrantly anti-consumer bill. There’s no good-faith reason for the government to shelter this industry; this is the very definition of corporate welfare.


Appears to have passed by voice vote?


The bill, titled the Taxpayer First Act, passed the House on Tuesday by voice vote; it now heads to the Senate. As first noted by ProPublica, the bipartisan bill—cosponsored by Reps. John Lewis (D-Ga.) and Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) in the House—institutes several changes to IRS cybersecurity and appeals processes, and, crucially, prohibits the IRS from creating a free online filing system for Americans. If passed, the tax preparation industry stands to reap the benefits, as filers continue to flock to them for help with complex forms.


So disgusted with John Lewis. Is this what you fought for in the 60s? To be a tool for the establishment?


I use turbo tax. But I think it’s truly stupid that the government would not allow you to file for free. I heard from one of my employees (a grad student) that the IRS ditched the 1040EZ too. Seems to me that was ridiculous.

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