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HomeDemocratsElizabeth WarrenSenator Warren Delivers Floor Speech Condemning Dark Money in Politics
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There has been an on-going scandal down here over charter schools and teacher employment background checks. They are not required for these private schools. Welp, just this week a couple of so-called “teachers” were found to be felons who had served prison time. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Betsy DeVos and the rest of her puke need to be strung up by the neck until dead. That is too good for them. Sure wish I could believe in karma.


T and R, LD!!


Hope Senator Warren doesn’t take a dime from the Owned Together PAC.


Warren has some wiggle room. Let’s hope she uses that space wisely.

(Many were disappointed by her in 2016, but she’d built up enough goodwill by then that many are still giving her the benefit of the doubt. But, she needs to cash in that BotD very carefully, imo. It’s gold.)