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Thanks humphrey

This hasn’t been discussed here yet so I thought I would post. I think it’s a positive step.

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ new activist spin-off organization, “Our Revolution,” will disclose any high-dollar donations it receives, two of the group’s board members said Wednesday.

The two said the board made that decision during a Tuesday night conference call.

As a “social welfare” organization (or a 501(c)(4) group for tax purposes), Our Revolution doesn’t have to disclose its donors. Its commitment to transparency was among several concerns raised by at least eight staffers who resigned as part of a staff revolt before the group launched last month. Our Revolution was set up to carry on the “political revolution” started by Sanders’ presidential candidacy, which targeted big money in politics

Former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner, one of the group’s board members, said the board was unanimous in its decision to release high-dollar contributions. The precise definition of “high-dollar” has yet to be determined. Another progressive 501(c)(4) organization, Civic Action, discloses all donations of $5,000 or more.”


That’s good news @jcitybone. I contributed $1 today in honor of Bernie’s birthday. It a was symbolic gesture, obviously. The fact that Nina is on the board gives me hope.


I hope they follow thru on the “openness” of the large donations it will go a long way to calm some fears that a lot of us have


Thanks for starting an open thread today @humphrey. I’ve been wondering how @liepardestin and @jdestin are doing. I haven’ t been on the site very much lately myself and was wondering if I missed some news. The news from here is that our other horse damaged one of her eyes on Saturday last weekend. She has been at the veterinary clinic since then. They have a tube running through her left eyelid and are treating the eye with antibiotics and steroids in an effort to save it. The sight in that eye is permanently gone. They might need to remove her eyeball if things go poorly.


I hope everything works out with your horse! It’s so hard when your animal is sick, you keep wishing there was something you could do.
My kitty Miss Betty had surgery on her eye when she was about 8. It didn’t work out very well, so the vet had to remove it. She adapted very quickly and was fine with jumping and doing other acrobatic kitty things until her death at 15. I don’t know anything about horses, but I sincerely hope they’re as adaptable.


Thanks for your kind thoughts and the story about Miss Betty. There are lots of one eyed horses who adapt and overcome that disability. She has already started to make the adjustments. Her vision in that eye was lost at the time of the accident 6 days ago.


I am so glad. I know horses are extremely intelligent so it’s not surprising that they are adaptable. To tell you the truth, I’ve always been a little afraid of them – they are SO big. I had family with farms growing up so I got to meet a few when I was younger. When there, I could always be found in the hay loft with the kittens and luckily there were ALWAYS kittens. 🙂


I was half-scared to death the first time I got on a horse!!

Kittens and barns seem to go together very well. 😉


Sorry to hear about your other horse’s troubles jbob! I just love horses, I used to cobble together babysitting money when I was 14 to rent out my favorite at the stables, Midnight, for a precious hour of trail fun when I could, and can only imagine how tough it would be to see one suffer that had me as its human.

How is she handling staying at the vet clinic?

I watch a little live safari in South Africa and sometimes they’ll zoom in on an animal with only one working eye. The animals seem to adapt and manage. I’ve seen a beautiful female leopard with one working eye, a few cape buffalos and a handsome male impala, still regal and proud, even with one very nasty-looking eye. The safari guides don’t even think twice about it, have seen it so often, and always tells questioners that the animals seem to do fine.

So I hope your dear (what’s her name?) heals up soon and comes home to you!

A virtual treat for her attached.


Thank you @eve @harrybothered @magsview @grapevines!
Her name is Winnie.
 photo winnie_sign_zps2xwdgxvw.jpg
She is a 16.3 hands 1300lb Oldenburg mare
 photo winnie_eating_zpsxqz9tkie.jpg
This s the injection end of the rig to send medicine to her eye.
 photo winnie_catheter_zpsx3aqxe3h.jpg
This is the delivery end where the medicine goes through her eyelid to bath her damaged eyeball. You can kind of see me with the green shirt and blue jeans reflected there. The horizontal white marks are where she bashed her eye. The eyelid was already messed up from a prior injury. She had fluid from inside slowly leaking out the front of her eye for a couple of hours before it stopped.
 photo winnie_eye_zps8m9im392.jpg


I hope your horse has a good recovery jbob….I love horses and have always gotten along well with them. Sounds like your vet is doing a good job. Hopefully her eye can be saved.


Bashar Ja’afari (Syria) and US Peace Council Representatives on Syria – Press Conference

H.E. Bashar Ja’afari, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic
Alfred Marder, President of the US Peace Council
Mary Compton, Member of the Executive Board of the US Peace Council
Henry Lowendorf, Member of the Executive Board of the US Peace Council, Head of the Syria Delegation
Joe Jamison, Member of the Executive Board of the US Peace Council, Member of the Syria Delegation
Madelyn Hoffman, Executive Director of New Jersey Peace Action, Member of the Syria Delegation
Donna Nassor, Professor and Lawyer also part of US Peace Council

They seem too be saying that we, in America, are not hearing the full story in our press and from our politicians.

The Peace Movement is not dead..just muffled and covered up.


Thanks for that link grapevines. I’m going to watch it a bit later. The mess in Syria as been really getting me down. So much suffering.


I know it’s never going to happen, but signing it made me feel better.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Should Concede the Nomination to Bernie Sanders

I signed with the comment:

Worst. Election. Ever.
We have two 1 percenter candidates, both with charities of dubious accountability. One blames everything on Russia, the other blames everything on Mexicans and Muslims.
Giant Meteor 2016! Just kill me now…

Have a great day everyone!


I just ran across this article on building a ‘Pluralist Commonwealth’ at and found the new (to me!) ideas so exciting that I have to share them!

The articles describes 6 ways of creating locally-based, citizen-driven changes in the way society operates economically and politically. Participation in these movements for practical change is not connected to political parties or affiliation. All of these programs have already been implemented in various locales.

I think many of us (even most?) are still uncertain how to carry on and move forward, given current political realities. The programs described in this article take a step *outside* our current oligarchic duopoly and create real, on-the-ground was of re-thinking and re-tooling how society practices economics and politics in order to move toward a ‘Pluralist Commonwealth’.

I hope you will all read the article, discuss it, and share it with friends.

Thank you!



Our sister Nina Turner’s reflections on Bernie’s campaign and Our Revolution. Seems fitting for celebrating Bernie’s next trip around the sun!

Salon article


Nina’s active involvement with Our Revolution allays a lot of my concerns with its bumpy inception.


Thank you Humphrey!

I almost started an open thread this morning, it was tentatively titled ‘Matt Lauer’, because when I tuned into online news this morning (my stomach not strong enough for tv news, especially in the morning) all I saw was Matt Lauer’s name being bandied about.

I had been hoping to hear a bit about how the ‘who will kill all the terrorists faster’ contest went last night, but it was difficult to find actual information!

But, after I saw a pundit accuse Lauer of sexism because he interrupted her (didn’t she see the primary debates?!! if you don’t interrupt her, she just goes on and on and on), well I lost my appetite for all of it. And the Putin-bashing is going to drive me to drink. Making me so lousy nervous….

‘If the challenge was to look like a commander-in-chief at the Commander-in-Chief Forum, one could argue that neither candidate succeeded. Clinton appeared defensive and combative at times as she was forced to explain her choices and record. Trump talked around a range of questions and offered at times contradictory answers. Both gave their opponents fresh fodder for attacks.’


North Dakota pipeline fight gives spark to Native American activism

A Native American tribe’s efforts to halt construction of a crude oil pipeline in North Dakota have swelled into a movement, drawing international attention and the support of movie stars and social media, and making a major oil company blink.

While the tribe’s lawyers work to persuade a federal judge to withdraw permits for the pipeline in a ruling expected on Friday, thousands of protesters gathered at campgrounds near Standing Rock Sioux Tribe lands.

“This is a new beginning, not just for our tribe, but for all tribes in this country,” said Standing Rock Sioux spokesman Ron His Horse is Thunder, one of the leaders hoping for a rebirth of Native American activism beyond the pipeline battle.

I think this is one of the most positive things going on in this country right now. I saw an interview Amy Goodman did at the protest site…. I mean ‘protect’ site, and one young man who she spoke to told her proudly that he was “full-blood” (from Pine Ridge reservation)and I got a little verklempt because I heard some pride in his voice.

at about 6:44 in the clip:


The pipeline people haven’t a care about what they destroy! This is quite significant…

A mere 75 feet from the edge of the DAPL pipeline corridor lies Iyokaptan Tanka, the Big Dipper. Source: Case 1:16-cv-01534-JEB Document 29-1 Filed 09/02/16 Page 4 of 11

Big Dipper Stones
Big Dipper Stones
(image by Court Documents) License DMCA

This stone feature, which is a physical depiction of a constellation across a large area, is very rare to find within the Great Plains and within Oceti Sakowin homelands. This is only the third time I have seen one identified and recorded during my lifetime. I know how much importance the Elders and spiritual advisors place on this star constellation, this constellation was a measuring stick for leadership, who fasted or vision quested in the “cup” of the Big Dipper to make the ultimate commitment to the people. This is the last level to attain as a Chief and very few Chiefs made it to the seventh level in leadership, as I have been told. Only a Chief or Itancha can stand in the cup of the Dipper.

To find a grave attached to the cup means the leader was “was beyond reproach.” This is one of the most significant archeological finds in North Dakota in many years.


Bernie will be the keynote speaker next week at The Working Families Party Gala in NYC at Cooper Union.

From an email I received today inviting me to attend if I make a donation to the WFP:

“On issue after issue, our campaign showed that there is a growing movement of Americans who are ready to join the battle on the critical issues of our time. They’re ready to end our country’s grotesque levels of wealth and income inequality, stop bad trade deals like the TPP, end the student debt crisis, and fight for critical progress on climate change, immigration reform, racial justice, a living wage, and more.

These fights don’t end with any one campaign. Political and social revolutions that aim to transform our society never end — they must go on day after day, month after month, election after election.

For 18 years now, the Working Families Party has been leading on many of these fights in New York. That’s why I am excited to be joining the WFP at their 18th annual gala next week as we look forward to building our revolution together, in November and beyond.

I would be honored if you would join me at the historic Great Hall at Cooper Union in NYC for what promises to be a special night.

The Working Families Party is a key partner in the political revolution and in Our Revolution. They organize year round on issues that matter to working families, recruit and elect candidates who commit to a progressive vision, and then work to hold them accountable to the people, not the billionaires.”

One Bite
One Bite

I turned the corner on a street near my home that I don’t usually travel. Three yards had political signs in them; all situated in roughly the same part of the yard yielding a an eye catching, linear line. The first house had a Trump sign in the yard. The second had a Hillary sign. The third had a sign that read, “Everybody In Election 2016 SUCKS”.
Cracked me up.


I want that sign in our yard!!