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Hopeful that Bernie can win Puerto Rico. But even if he does not, Bernie advocated for more fair policies for the island.


I’ve been following the news in Puerto Rico somewhat (lived there for a year back in ’69!) and I’m real curious to see how things play out there. Sixty is a heck of a lot of delegates. I’m hopeful that Sanders can snag a fair bit of them, especially since he has been a real advocate for the island. He was there recently and I don’t think Clinton has set foot upon PR soil during this election cycle. Fingers crossed there are no shenanigans on voting day.


Was actually reading the paper this morning and found some interesting articles. They’re in Spanish and English (a bit stilted, but okay) with an editorial from an ‘independista’ advocating for Bernie. Background is that typically those pushing for independence don’t vote in the primaries as that is viewed as participating in the colonial charade. Here’s the primary link http://www.elnuevodia.com/topicos/berniesanders/

Ellen North
Ellen North

A ‘Greece’ is being evidently being pulled on Puerto Rico – and thank FSM that Bernie’s there to speak up for them against the Greeds! This pattern of economic invasion must be broken now – placing people and democracy first!

President Bernie will fight for democracy; Senator Bernie will fight for democracy; Bernie Sanders will fight for democracy – in whatever case, with whatever official position, doing so beside the aware and informed American people. Spread the Berd!


Translation (duh):
(it was actually made over a week ago, but edited for clarity)

Puerto Ricans, this Sunday is the Democratic Primary for the POTUS. I ask you to go out to vote for the only candidate that has spoken clearly and firmly with Puerto Rico, for Bernie Sanders.

BS has stated clearly that he is against the Junta (Oversight Board) and has stated clearly that he would free Oscar Lopez right now. And, Bernie Sanders is already defending us in the US Senate.

The moment has come to send a clear and forceful message to Washington that they must listen to and respect us. The way to do that is to get out and vote and give your vote to the person who really defends Puerto Rico, Bernie Sanders.

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