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Quick question for now, am running around, but I’ve always wondered if, in the case of the videos, youtube videos for example, whether or not it counts as a ‘view’ if you don’t watch the whole video? For their metrics?

Do they track how many seconds each ‘viewer’ actually watches the video?

Do you know LD?

As always, thank you for what you do LD. I hope you’re almost back to 100%! Much strength to you my birdie friend.

And thank you to each and every one of you who are reading these words rn. Because if you’re reading then chances are you’re cool too.


Ditto all of this. I realized I don’t really want to leave cuz it’s like morning coffee with a bunch of friends. (or evening catch up) Love you all!

My camping buddy just asked for your URL–yay!


I’m not cyber agile/nimble like a lot of you are. So I promote TPW the “old fashion” way: word of mouth. Glad to do it, too. 🙂