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Thank you polarbear! I must admit that I haven’t read the piece yet, but wanted to say hi.

Will read asap & comment properly.

Hope you are feeling better!


I totally agree with the concept in this post. However there is one gigantic problem!

It is that the leadership of the Democrats completely lacks a spine. The Republicans march in lockstep no matter how ridiculous the position is but when the Dems require leadership.

We get this!


There is absolutely no reason—political, moral, strategic, you name it—for any Democrat to vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. There are plenty of good reasons for Democrats to vote against Kavanaugh, starting with the very basic one that a far-right partisan who has been credibly accused of multiple incidents of sexual assault should not be let anywhere near the Supreme Court. It’s also pretty stupid, when your party is trying to harness the energy of a hyper-mobilized base fueled by women and people of color, to have members of your party stick their necks out for a man who has become the ultimate symbol of elite, white, patriarchal anger and entitlement.

But don’t tell that to Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez! In an onstage interview with Wall Street Journal reporter Reid Epstein at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin on Friday, Perez was asked whether he thought it was acceptable for a Democrat to vote for Kavanaugh. After some hemming and hawing, he finally gave his answer: sure!

From the exchange, which was first flagged by The Intercept’s Ryan Grim:

PEREZ: There were Democratic senators who voted for Justice Gorsuch….there were Democratic senators who did that, and that is a fact. And those are Democratic senators that I have worked very closely with, continue to work very closely with, and are working to help get reelected. And so that is a fact, that’s the reality of what we see now.

EPSTEIN: And you would continue to work to reelect Democratic senators if they vote [for Kavanaugh]?

PEREZ: Of course we’re going to continue!

Schumer has his say.


The top Democrat in the Senate has vowed to fight President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee with everything he’s got. Just don’t expect him to crack down on his red-state Democrats who go rogue and back Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.
“Punishment is not how this place works,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (N.Y.) said in an interview this week.
Schumer is trying to stay upright on a nearly impossible political balance beam he has wobbled across throughout Trump’s presidency, caught between his party’s demanding left flank and centrist Democrats whose survival in ­November’s midterm elections will decide the Senate majority. No other congressional leader has experienced dueling pressures so acutely.
Although anger against Trump has reached a fever pitch in the Democratic Party and activists are clamoring for all-out war against Kavanaugh, Schumer has opted not to use hardball tactics to pressure moderates from Republican states to join the resistance.


The Democratic Party is the longest surviving one in US history. Doesn’t mean it won’t dissolve if it doesn’t reflect the electorate. The sooner the better IMO.


Someone has to quote the Constitution’s dictates here. I am too old to do it. T and R, pb4!!


Not from me since I was in favor of it in a few comments prior to this post. Might be the only way to get justice for all Americans not just the (WASPS) corporations. And stacking it with POC to better reflect the cross section of what America really is a better idea.

Spring Texan

I support this 100%. It’s really the only answer. Unfortunately Democrats have no guts or spine but if we ever elect enough who do, they WILL do this.

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