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HomeDemocratsHillary ClintonStolen Democracy: How the Democratic Party Lost the Election and Lost its Soul
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Thanks for this. I am glad that you took time to share this.


It is a bit long to review right now but from what I have seen so far it should be good.


It’s similar to Clinton Cash in the way it is presented. But it illustrates issues that continued to fester for years.

Being a mirror to the GOP (with the exception of social and racial justice) on economic issues is why we have the Cheeto in the West Wing.

Regarding the election, Parnes and Allen, the establishment media, did verify in their book, Shattered, that Trump called Bill Clinton about running, something that TOP refuses to acknowledge. They said it was a rumor.

The Democratic Party appears to instead rather lose than invite new ideas or a progressive agenda to its future. The DNC elite was furious that he gave the baroness a vigorous debate and she still wouldn’t come out of the castle to engage the voters.

I hope Bernie continues to build his own following. It’s needed. We haven’t many outside of Warren, Bernie, Tulsi, Keith and Pramilla to represent our voices.


I know that it is wishful thinking but I would like to see Keith step down from his token DNC position. That is due the recent stacking of the DNC leadership with more Clintonites.


It allows him to work with Bernie though. Until a third party has the infrastructure, we have to depend on what few lines we have within the Dem Party. Keith still has some ears in the organization and he has to help the down ballots, such as the potential candidacy of Ben Jealous for the governor’s race in MD.


Wow! Thanks. Missed this yesterday.