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Kavanaugh: Dr. Christine Blasey Seeks to Forestall a Trauma to the Nation That Was Inflicted on Her

So this great and selfless woman has dedicated her life to helping people (including veterans) who have been abused and traumatized to deal with the resulting symptoms. She took her own horrible experience with spoiled DC elite males and turned it into lemonade for others. And now, at immense personal cost, she has stepped forward to attempt to save us all from a severe trauma.

If the GOP shoehorns Kavanaugh in (even though we are on the cusp of an election and they sidelined Merrick Garland on exactly these grounds) then all Americans will be raped by the elitist political philosophy of Kavanaugh, and half of Americans will lose autonomy over their own bodies to a Federal government in thrall to a religious minority (Evangelicals are now only about 17% of Americans, and anti-abortion Catholics are maybe 12%). Workers will lose the few rights they have left. The US will revert completely to the Robber Baron age of the late nineteenth century, and America will be about as favorable to women’s rights as Mauritania, the Philippines and Honduras.

Very passionate for Juan Cole. i like his take on how, in a sense, we, the people are continually raped by the DC “bully” boys (and girls). Cole is usually more reserved.

BTW, luckily for the world, “Christine Blasey Ford [is] a professor of Psychiatry at Palo Alto University and an affiliate at Stanford University, which will make it harder to question her credibility for many.


This comes from perpetual Presidential candidate with no shame.


i used to like Biden more. now i see his “good uncle” bit as a smarmy lie in the service of money.


There should be quotation marks after “Stanford University.” The rest is mine.


Europe Just Voted to Wreck the Internet
New EU law would allow spying on everything and censoring vast swathes of our communications
by Cory Doctorow


As Trump Commits to Endless War, Corporate Media Obsess Over Anonymous Op-Ed

The anonymous New York Times op-ed (9/5/18), purportedly written by a senior Trump administration official, coupled with the release of Bob Woodward’s new book, Fear—itself full of White House back-stabbing and anonymous quotes—unleashed a veritable tsunami of breathless press speculation last week. But lost amidst the deluge was a Trump administration story that will have deadly, far-reaching consequences long after the Times op-ed is forgotten and Woodward’s book hits the discount pile. That’s because Trump effectively endorsed endless US war in Syria last week, and almost no one in the press noticed.

This is weird. Or not.

Despite the dearth of coverage in its news pages, the Times editorial board did, however, take the time to write an editorial (9/8/18) on the Trump administration’s new Syria policy—in order to tacitly support it. (As FAIR has previously noted—3/27/17—this move is in keeping with the Times’ long track record of supporting every overseas US military campaign for the past 30 years.) In its Sunday Review column, the paper matter-of-factly endorses the Trump plan of keeping more than 2,000 US troops in Syria as “leverage,” while also not-so-subtly echoing Trump’s “take the oil” campaign rhetoric (“Mr. Assad will have to change his behavior to get control of that area’s oil and gas resources”), the better to blackmail President Bashar Assad into complying with US diplomatic demands.

WTFrack? Assd will have to change his behavior to get control of his country’s own oil and gas resources???? NYT has truly gone down.


They have been down for quite a while. Remember the articles by Judith Miller in the lead up to the Iraq War.



I would imagine that the worst is yet to come.


Flooded rivers from Florence’s driving rains have begun to swamp coal ash dumps and low-lying hog farms, raising pollution concerns as the swollen waterways approach their crests Monday.

Duke Energy said the weekend collapse of a coal ash landfill at the mothballed L.V. Sutton Power Station near Wilmington, North Carolina, is an “on-going situation,” with an unknown amount of potentially contaminated storm water flowing into a nearby lake. At a different power plant near Goldsboro, three old coal ash dumps capped with soil were inundated by the Neuse River.

An Associated Press photographer who flew over eastern North Carolina’s Trent River on Sunday saw several flooded hog farms, their long metal buildings ringed by dark water. Such farms typically have large pits filled with hog urine and feces that can cause significant water contamination if breached. State regulators said they hadn’t received any reports of spills so far.

An AP analysis of location data from hog waste disposal permits shows at least 45 active North Carolina farms are located in 100-year and 500-year floodplains.

Federal forecasters predicted several rivers would crest at record or near-record levels by Monday, and high water could linger for days. Officials with the N.C. Park Council, and industry trade group, said farmers had prepared for the storm by lowering water levels in waste ponds and moving animals to higher ground.

comment image?resize=1200%2C735


Wonder if they had enough sense to let the animals out before the storm hit?


probably the best did, the worst didn’t. we have some local small pig farmers that supply Laughing Planet here, which I’ll eat once in a while–pulled pork in a DIY “taco” (a big bowl full of yummies). i won’t eat the big boys’ pork. And if i watch Babe, i can’t even eat local for a while. lol. been eatin’ less and less muscle.


We’re talking some major eco-disasters in areas primarily due to coal ash dust.


oh that’s awful. dammit. when will tptb get their heads on straight? just makes me sputter!

baby Bodhi just left though, so i get a major dose of heart love lots of days.


BTW, to keep M4A candidates in red districts in mind, here’s a tip from BENNY :O):

“Another Justice Dem who could use some attention is Jamie Schoolcraft, MO-7.

You can check out his priorities here: https://www.electschoolcraft.com/priorities-for-congress.”

Also tweeted it.


A few things that might be of interest to wi60

there is nothing that is too low for the Republicans.


Too bad that it can’t be great if he did kneel!


Ted Cruz Might Lose, and Other Giddy Tidbits From Election 2018

Truthout has a shiny layout now and this article from William Rivers Pitt discusses many of the recent progressive wins. I imagine Stacy Abrams in Georgia will get a lot of support, but she is also one in a tight race. I’ve been back and forth on Pitt, but this is a good one. I’ll just drop a few paragraphs.

The stench of panic permeating RNC headquarters is thicker than the fog beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. No lesser light than GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has sounded the alarm about this race to his colleagues and donors. GOP Sen. John Cornyn called the O’Rourke campaign “a serious threat,” and even Rick Tyler, Cruz’s former campaign strategist, is worried. “We’re not bluffing,” said Tyler on MSNBC, “this is real, and it is a serious threat.”

How is this brazen defiance of known political gravity even possible? First and foremost, Ted Cruz is about as popular as toenail fungus. His GOP colleagues all remember with grim clarity Cruz’s grandstanding anti-ACA “Green Eggs & Ham” filibuster debacle of 2013, when he comprehensively failed to understand the moral of a children’s story on live television. The main problem congressional Republicans have with Ted Cruz is the fact that he is a shameless self-promoting carny huckster just like they are, but he is wildly obvious about it, thus blowing their cover.

And in closing:

On September 29, music legend Willy Nelson will headline a rally in Texas for Beto O’Rourke. In his entire career, Nelson has never once done a public concert for a political candidate. “My wife Annie and I have met and spoken with Beto and we share his concern for the direction things are headed,” said Nelson in a press release. “Beto embodies what is special about Texas, an energy and an integrity that is completely genuine.”

There’s something happening here, to quote another musician, and it ain’t all Trump. When progressives actually run as progressives, when voters are given candidates who have discarded the thoroughly discredited empty vessel that is tepid “third way” Republican-lite centrism and offer genuine and workable policy alternatives, those candidates do very, very well.

Even in Texas, where Ted Cruz might lose.

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