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Asked repeatedly to say ‘Black lives matter,’ Mike Pence says ‘all lives matter’

Juneteenth, however, commemorates the end of slavery in America, which happened nearly a century after the nation’s founding.

The distinction between saying “Black lives matter” and “all lives matter” has emerged as something of a cultural dividing line amid the nationwide discussion about racial equality that has been touched off in recent weeks. The phrase “Black lives matter” has gained widespread use in recent years as a way to draw attention specifically to deadly encounters between Black Americans and police.

“Forgive me for pressing you on this, sir,” anchor Brian Taff said to Pence, “but I will note you did not say those words, ‘Black lives matter,’ and there is an important distinction. People are saying, of course all lives matter, but to say the words is an acknowledgment that Black lives also matter at a time in this country when it appears that there’s a segment of our society that doesn’t agree. So why will you not say those words?”

“Well, I don’t accept the fact, Brian, that there’s a segment of American society that disagrees, in the preciousness and importance of every human life,” Pence said. “And it’s one of the reasons why as we advance important reforms in law enforcement, as we look for ways to strengthen and improve our public safety in our cities, that we’re not going to stop there.”


The FRighties are at it again: deliberately mangling the meaning of the phrase: ‘all lives matter.’ ‘All’ means the entire rainbow of humanity.


From the 1943 movie “Cabin in the Sky”, the wonderful Ethel Waters sings the Oscar nominated song


From a movie from the same year as Cabin, Lena Horne sings the title song in Stormy Weather. Lena also was featured in Cabin as the “ bad girl “


Diana and Ethel get together


Adding this classic. 🙂


The Justice Department abruptly announced on Friday that it had replaced the United States attorney in Manhattan, Geoffrey S. Berman, the powerful federal prosecutor whose office sent President Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to prison and who has been investigating Mr. Trump’s current personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani.

The announcement that Mr. Berman would be replaced was made with no notice by the Attorney General William P. Barr, who said the president intended to nominate as his successor Jay Clayton, the current chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.


The orange maggot will be on his 757 flying to Sochi, the minute he leaves the WH. Watch.


T and R, Ms. Benny!! 🙂