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About direct payments being included. Doesn’t look good


Then play hardball, let there be no deal without the payments, spend all the money they would spend sponsoring the next McGrath on a campaign to 24/7 highlight the GOP as holding up relief for the suffering, and quit letting the GOP paint themselves as the party of the working class while helping their 3 martini lunch business buddies/financers.

A shitty bill that does nothing for the people will doom Dems in 2022, 2024.. especially when people look back and say I got a check from Trump but Biden just bailed out airlines.

Yes the unemployed need their relief now, but.. so does everyone else, and Dems should not fall into the trap of pitting them against each other..

“I work all day wearing a mask at less pay than pre covid but the unemployed get something” vs “us essential workers and unemployed get nothing while mega corporations rake in billions, the stock market is at an all time high, as Munchkin sits on money already distributed for relief”



President-elect Joe Biden on Friday urged Congress to pass a $900 billion coronavirus relief bill during the lame-duck session as a starting point in public remarks notable for their care in dealing with GOP and Democratic objections to the emerging compromise.

Biden said it was critical to get a bill passed soon to provide relief to Americans hours after a new labor report showed slowing job growth as coronavirus cases spike across the country.

He repeatedly dodged questions about whether he’s spoken to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), while deflecting questions about progressive concerns that the legislation does not provide enough immediate help to families in need.

“We need more economic relief to bridge through 2021 until this pandemic and economic crisis are over. And then we need to build back better,” Biden said.

Those remarks reflected Biden’s emerging position, that the country cannot wait for some relief but that additional measures could be passed after he takes office Jan. 20.

Asked why he’s confident Republicans, who have thus far balked at the price of Democratic proposals, will be willing to go bigger once he’s in office, Biden replied: “Because the country is going to be in dire, dire, dire straits if they don’t.”

Asked then if he’d spoken directly with McConnell, Biden smiled but did not directly answer.

“We’ll be in dire trouble if we don’t get cooperation and I believe we will,” he said.


dire x 3 already joe


Byedone is such a semi-senile coward. Ole Beijing Mitchie called his bluff and sized him up decades ago. A lethal POX on both of them. Worthless yahoos.🤮