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Good morning friends!


Kamala Harris Doubles Campaign Cash to Media Firm That Boosted Bernie’s Profile

Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) more than doubled her spending in the third quarter on an online media firm that played a major part in boosting the national profile of Sen. Bernie Sanders (D., Vt.) during his run for the Democratic presidential primary, Federal Election Commission filings show.

Harris, who is regularly floated as a Democratic candidate for president in 2020, paid Revolution Messaging LLC, a Washington, D.C.,-based online media firm, $255,000 from her campaign committee, Kamala Harris for Senate, between July 1 and September 30, according to its October quarterly report.

The campaign spent a majority of this money—$234,737—on web advertisements, the filings show. The remaining $21,000 went toward campaign consulting. Harris’s campaign reported spending $508,270.03 the last three months, meaning that the $255,737 that went to Revolution Messaging accounted for more than half of its expenditures.

The money that went to Revolution Messaging during the third quarter is more than double the $110,000 the campaign had spent on the firm during the second quarter. Harris’s campaign spent nearly $300,000 on its services during the first quarter and has now given more than $650,000 to the media firm this year.


So Revolution Messaging will work for the highest bidder, revolutionary or not, it looks like. Too bad.


Its all about the money. They are good. Now they are trying to make Kamala Harris into something other than a corporate Dem.


Too bad. Hope they can work for more than one candidate.


She can spend 100 times more and I still will not vote for her. I didn’t vote for her for governor and I will not vote for her as president. Another Clinton politically but a bit nice is my estimation of her. Middle of the road to conservative. Is following Bernie cause she want to be president only not because she believes in his politics.


This is long but worth every moment:

Selective Feminism and the Myth of the Bernie Bro: The Backlash to Sanders and the Women’s Convention

The media dedicated much time and energy to covering online abuse, towards women in particular, during the Democratic Primary. The vitriol was, and remains, disturbing. Posting a photo of a female campaign surrogate on Facebook, a man wrote, “Every time i see this… creature on CNN, I want to reach through the tv screen and choke her… (I don’t believe in hurting women… but i’m not sure if this is one).” Another surrogate, a black woman, has been called everything from a “bitch” to a slave to a “hood rat.” One man tweeted, “I hope you and your family die,” and another person told her to “just end her misery. A pill cocktail will do the trick…” There has even been actual physical violence against women: Two women were hit because of their allegiance to a candidate, one of them, a young woman of color, was struck by an older white man with his hand and cane.

Readers may be familiar with the term “Bernie Bro,” but they might be surprised to learn that every attack cited above was made by Clinton supporters against Sanders supporters. Though the abuse of Sanders supporters has been ignored, the Bernie Bro trope is as strong as ever.

The term has been employed by Hillary Clinton in her new book, What Happened, (and in follow up interviews) to explain her loss: “Some of his supporters, the so-called Bernie Bros, took to harassing my supporters online.”


Perhaps the most stunning example of a double standard comes from coverage of actual physical violence—or a lack thereof. When chaos erupted at the Nevada Democratic State convention in May 2016 over the disqualification of delegates, several outlets, including The New York Times, The AP, Politico,The Washington Post, the LA Times, NBC, NPR, MSNBC as well as then DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, reported that “chairs were thrown” by Sanders supporters and used the word “violent” or “violence” in reference to Sanders supporters. The journalist whose tweets were the basis of the “thrown chairs” story admitted he hadn’t witnessed them. And footage revealed that one unidentified man raised and then put down a chair. While NPR modified its language (replacing “Sanders supporters threw chairs,” with “brandished”) none of the other outlets ever updated or clarified their reporting.

Contrast that to the coverage of actual violence—recorded on video—at another contentious delegate meeting a month later in New York, after Sanders supporters were ignored during a vote over the delegation chair for the DNC. Live stream video captures a white man, later identified as a Clinton donor, hitting Moumita Ahmed, a younger woman of color and Sanders delegate-at-large, with his hand and cane so hard you can hear a thwack. Not a single outlet which wrote about the “thrown chairs” covered this story except for Politico, which gave it one throwaway, and fairly victim-blaming, sentence in a story with the headline, “Sanders backers revolt, refuse to recognize Cuomo as delegation leader.”

The double standard is glaring. Harassment against Clinton supporters is neatly packaged in the thought-terminating label of “Bernie Bro.” Targeting of Sanders backers—including actual physical violence—has no such propaganda vehicle, and is thus never brought up as a systemic problem, much less weaponized as a campaign attack. Those of us who are insulted and smeared by aggressive Clinton partisans simply don’t exist, our testimonies and experiences get erased or minimized. Not only is there still no concrete evidence that Sanders backers were any more toxic than anyone else’s, but by continuing to prop up the canard that they were, media outlets exploit the very real, widespread problem of online harassment, and transform it into nothing more than a cheap rhetorical bludgeon.


Democrats reject proposal to force Bernie Sanders to join the party

The Democratic National Committee on Friday rejected a resolution that would have urged independents such as Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont to “register or affiliate with the Democratic Party” next year, one of several small victories for the party’s left wing.

“This puts salt in a wound that we need to be closing right now,” said James Zogby, the outgoing chairman of the DNC’s resolutions committee, as the measure was debated in a morning meeting. “The consequences would feed a Twitter debate that will not be helpful to any of us right now.”

The resolution, introduced by three DNC members from California, attracted attention this week as one more skirmish between those who supported Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic presidential primary and those who supported Sanders. Bob Mulholland, the DNC member who pitched the resolution to the committee, argued that Democrats were losing potential votes by letting progressive voters work outside the party.


“I thought we were Democrats here,” said Mulholland. “When the Yankees face off against the Dodgers, the only people who will be independent in that ballpark will be the umpires.”

But the negative attention on the resolution helped sink it. Terry Anderson, a DNC member from Vermont, told the committee that the language had been sprung on them without warning and didn’t reflect Sanders’s alliance with his state’s Democrats.

“It’s really troubling when you get your resolution package and you find out your state’s been named in it without any prior consultation,” said Anderson. “We’ve come to a solution that works for us, and we don’t need external voices telling us how to solve our primaries. Next year, Bernie will run for and win the Democratic primary, and he will win reelection — as an independent.


This Bob Mulholland dude has such a nice history!


Bob Mulholland is the California Democratic Party’s “senior advisor and long time chief spokesperson”, known for intercepting registration cards of voters who had reregistered Green Party, and sending them back with a letter on state Democratic Party letterhead asking the voter to reconsider the change of party.

Mulholland gained national attention for involvement in the Bruce Hershenson vs. Barbara Boxer campaign. Mulholland leaked a rumor that Hershenson was into porn and frequented a porn shop. Mulholland was fired by the Democratic party, but then rehired weeks after Boxer won.

He is also known for his work to block a 2007 censure resolution against California Senator Dianne Feinstein for her vote to support the nomination of Judge Michael Mukasey as United States Attorney General without a vote. He is quoted as saying “It is going to be thrown out and rejected. Sometimes people can’t anticipate or can’t understand the big picture.”


In CNN’s Tax Debate, Bernie Sanders Showed How Democrats Can Win with Socialism

Had Wednesday night’s CNN debate on tax reform instead been one for the presidency, the odds for Democrats would look pretty good. Ted Cruz, an unlikable Republican, was pitted against Bernie Sanders, the country’s most popular politician, who articulated a common-sense vision for an America based on equality and a redistribution of wealth from the top to the bottom.

But rather than embracing this bold vision, the Democratic establishment seems to be moving in the opposite direction. Following the debate, news broke that the DNC had pushed out a number of progressives from its leadership positions, including many who had supported Rep. Keith Ellison in his leadership bid against current chair Tom Perez, Obama’s Labor Secretary.

One of the few correct things Ted Cruz said at Wednesday night’s debate was that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren represent “the heart of the Democratic Party.” This recent purge at the DNC raises the question of whether the party is interested in having a heart at all. Or, for that matter, in winning.

To understand why Sanders’ brand of democratic socialism presents a promising way forward for Democrats, it’s important to understand that the GOP’s current agenda is both hollow and incoherent—on economic issues in particular.


Almost U.S. President Bernie Sanders Is Coming To Toronto

For anyone who followed the Trump vs. Hillary Presidential race can probably recognize the name Bernie Sanders. He spent the very first half of the campaign season vying for the role of the Democratic U.S. presidential nomination. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on where you stand) he lost to Hillary Clinton.

Despite being 76 years old, Bernie seems to have a talent for connecting with the youth around the world and joining in on movements that matter to them. The now Senator of Vermont is heading to Toronto to discusses “Medicare for All” and will be speaking at the University of Toronto, discussing what the U.S. can learn from Canada’s single-payer health care system

Unlike Barack Obama’s recent visit, admission will be free. The event will be located at U of T’s Convocation Hall on October 29th, at 11 AM. Doors open 90 minutes prior to the event’s start, and guests must be seated by 10:45 AM.

According to the organizers, photo ID will be required for entry, seating will be available on a first come first served basis, and bags larger than 16” x 16” x 8” will not be allowed into Convocation Hall



Too bad. Should have been proud. Cowards.


I’m glad to hear that this video must have been recorded before Bernie bowed out.

It would be extra awful if the organizers of the Women’s March Convention did even more groveling to those with Bernie Derangement Syndrome after news came out that Bernie wasn’t going to attend!





A fine example of voter disenfranchisement. But establishment Dems don’t see the problem.

I will only list one of many articles.


New York City (CNN)Bernie Sanders’ campaign on Tuesday called reports of voting irregularities in New York state “a disgrace” as local officials rushed to condemn the city Board of Elections for stripping more than 125,000 Democratic voters from the rolls.

“It is absurd that in Brooklyn, New York — where I was born, actually — tens of thousands of people as I understand it, have been purged from the voting rolls,” Sanders said during an evening campaign rally at Penn State University.
In an email to CNN, Sanders spokesman Karthik Ganapathy called the state’s handling of the primary a “shameful demonstration.”

“From long lines and dramatic understaffing to longtime voters being forced to cast affidavit ballots and thousands of registered New Yorkers being dropped from the rolls, what’s happening today is a disgrace,” he said.



Oh come on! There is profit to be made with pollution in the capitalist system. /S


Brutal Outlook for Healthy Wild Horses and Burros: BLM Calls for Shooting 90,000

On Thursday, the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board recklessly voted to approve recommendations that call on the Bureau of Land Management to shoot tens of thousands of healthy wild horses and burros.

At its meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado, the advisory board recommended that BLM achieve its on-range population goal of 26,715 wild horses and burros while also phasing out the use of long-term holding facilities—both within three years.

If Congress allowed BLM to follow through on the independent board’s recommendations, that would mean the government shooting at least 90,000 healthy animals. The advisory board has no power to control policy.

The board also called for allowing international adoptions and sales, which have not been allowed before. During its deliberations, the board repeatedly referenced a proposal made by a private party to have American taxpayers pay to ship upwards of 20,000 wild horses to Russia—where they would serve as prey animals for big cats.

“Killing tens of thousands of wild horses and burros would be a betrayal of millions of taxpayers who want wild horses protected as intended in the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act and who have invested tens of millions of dollars in their care,” said Neda DeMayo, president of Return to Freedom Wild Horse Conservation.


Geez, you would think these “rough riding, i love America types” would at least not want to shoot such a macho iconic animal of the American West.

The MSM has a duty to show the details of our wars, including those on animals. Maybe because they are completely defenseless, if the public watched wild horses being shot, it they watched polar bears dying in storms at sea, their carcasses washing up on shore, there would be an uproar.

And if they saw children being blown to bits and people burning from the inside from phosphorous or any number of horrible deaths we inflict around the world, there would be an uproar, i would hope.

So that brings up another question: How can we ensure that enough people get to know the “other,” really get to know them, so that it is NOT OK when our govt. ensures us that it is OK to bomb them to bits? Because people are good inside and are basically being slowly tortured by not having enough, not being enough and having it rammed into their heads that they should be afraid and that bombs are beautiful when they are over someplace else and arrrrrghghgghgh.


I would imagine that there are many NRA enthusiasts just drooling to try out the bump stocked weapons on these fine animals.


Gulf Oil Spill Off Louisiana Coast Is 2x Bigger Than Original Estimate

LOG Exploration Company, LLC drastically underestimated the amount of oil its fractured pipeline spilled into the Gulf of Mexico last week.

The oil and gas operator first estimated that it spewed about 340,000 gallons of oil. Now, according to a Coast Guard announcement, the company is now reporting a discharge of 672,000 gallons—about two times the initial estimate.

A report from Bloomberg earlier this week suggested that LLOG’s original discharge estimate was already the largest in the U.S. since the 2010 BP disaster which spilled about 210 million gallons of crude into familiar territory.

The flow has since been contained and cleanup is underway, according to LLOG officials. No shoreline impacts have been reported and there are no reports of personnel injuries.

The Coast Guard said that since the pipeline is 5,000 feet underwater, the oil is likely to be “broken down into small particles and disperse(d) into deep-water currents prior to reaching the surface.”


New EPA Climate Change Website Doesn’t Mention ‘Climate Change’

In the Trump administration’s ongoing efforts to pretend that climate change doesn’t exist, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made dramatic changes to a website catered to helping states, local and tribal governments learn about global warming and how prepare and respond to the impacts of our hot new world, according to a new analysis from the watchdog group Environmental Data and Governance Initiative (EDGI).

As you can see in the screenshot above, the website site was previously titled “Climate and Energy Resources for State, Local, and Tribal Governments.” Now, it’s called, “Energy Resources for State, Local, and Tribal Governments.” Fifteen mentions of the term “climate change” were scrubbed from the original main page alone, and the old epa.gov/statelocalclimate URL even redirects to epa.gov/statelocalenergy.

But that’s not the only change—the old site consisted of about 380 pages of content, while the new site consists of about 175. The current website leaves out vital resources including information on how local governments can invest in clean energy, curb emissions and adapt to extreme weather conditions.

EDGI, which has been closely tracking changes to federal websites since President Trump took office, noted that this is the first example of returned content since the EPA began overhauling its climate change website on April 28.

Eileen R
Eileen R

I am glad there are many people and groups that are concerned enough to keep track of these things.

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