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Thank you LD!

Am watching on facebook right now.

“we have the capacity, and we are restrained”

I love the panelists! 🙂


The comments are FLYING on facebook!

Lots & lots of comments about insurance companies.


Am grabbing some screenshots of comments. Overwhelmingly positive! 🙂

Some griping about the mic quality (I wish they would do better production-wise).

Lots of love for Bernie and his efforts.


Awww, it’s over. 😉

Was so enjoying seeing the enthusiastic responses on facebook! I hardly ever go to fb, but tonight it was worth it!

The attached screenshot shows the very last comments now that the event has ended. 🙂
People want to have this conversation.

1-23-18 bernies MFA EEeE.jpg

These events are like water in the desert.

1-23-18 bernies MFA CCCc.jpg


1-23-18 bernies MFA YYy.jpg

Have a good night all!!

1-23-18 bernies MFA bernie b.jpg

T and R, LD and mags!! Enjoyed it to the hilt. The Bernster proves that serving the public/We The People is a privilege. Hope this November brings him boatloads of like-minded new public servants! 🙂

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