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T and R x 2, pb4!! 🙂



Nothing like shoving a jewball piece of sh!t down our throats. And if anyone gets offended by my description, stick it!!


Looks like Benny has been gerrymandered into a Dem district that stretches from Champaign to E St Louis. Hopefully NY is as ambitious.


Check out Floridumb’s districts. No surprise. 🙁



As the old saying goes: money talks and bullsh!t walks.


good for him! Wish I could say that more often, but this is very cool. dopesick is really good so far. wish hulu would do more of this quality.


I went to my dentist yesterday, his wife is very nice, she’s at the front desk, has been steady during the pandemic, but she seems to listen to too much Fox ‘news’.

I greeted her, she said, “40,000 people!”.

A bit taken aback, I asked her what she was referring to, “at the border!” she continued, in hushed, but excited, words.

I asked, ‘coming here to ___ (our town)?’ uhhhhhh no, she said, uncertain, so I asked, coming here to CT? uhhh, yes?

She didn’t even know where these mysterious 40,000 people were going! the right-wing media has people not knowing what’s up or down. They had her all fearful.

I just now had time to look that up, it seems to stem from an outrageous claim from that jerk Lindsey Graham.

“We had 40,000 Brazilians come through the Yuma Sector alone headed for Connecticut wearing designer clothes and Gucci bags,” he added. “This is not economic migration anymore.”

It’s true that there are a lot of Brazilians here. But, you know what? They’re working at glamourous jobs like cleaners and laborers.

The young Brazilian emptying our office garbage cans this week was wearing sandals, not Gucci.

It pisses me off how right-wing media in particular demonizes migrants. Their audience wouldn’t last a week doing some of those jobs.