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Don midwest
Don midwest

when have the republicans gone too far?

is the attack on health care going to be the turning point?

they have been getting away for decades by attacking women

and Gaia has been under assault

as someone pointed out, the Trump favorable ratings continue at the same level with the ideological supporters holding strong

so far….

and the dems help move the country backwards by holding fast to their power ….

Don midwest
Don midwest

oh what the heck, I am going to do it

I posted this on dailykos

I have to learn that when I am posting something at the growing edge of my knowledge that few if anyone will get it

but since you are a small group and understanding of my strange ways I will go ahead and link it here

of course, it involves Bruno

and the word Heteronomy

I have only had one philosophy course, political philosophy, in 1963, but have been reading lots of it, mostly it, since about 1966.

The philosopher Kant brought autonomy into philosophy. Before that it had been a political term. And autonomy is freedom, the highest political value …

Then a philosopher wrote a NYT article and used the word Heteronomy. But she used in in the context of the racists – Kant, Hume, and others of that period. I am going to write her and send her the Bruno link.

in any case, here is what I wrote


you may have to scroll down to get to it

the take away is pledging allegiance to Gaia, … very rough paraphrase

Gaia is a secular deity

Bruno has been working on that for years and continues to write about it

I had no intention of bringing up antisemitism, that is the context of the NYT article

it is history about the superior whites as they colonized the world in the 1600 and 1700 and Jews were not free like Christians, those who could follow Kant’s categorical imperative. I have never understood all that stuff but know it is out there and important.

and Kant was using the tactic of disregard of “the other”


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