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I dont know if i can buy the book. Theirs a political pain that remains in my heart about Bernie losing. 😥😥😥 After all this time it still saddens me.


Facebook attempting to direct the Senator's message? Staffers burning towels soaked in Bernie's blood?

Watch the latest @BadFaithPod w/ Bernie 2020 Deputy Campaign Manager @AriRabinHavt talking about his new tell-all about the campaign. https://t.co/zztCGn5HT8 pic.twitter.com/veoGG0DhIg

— Briahna Joy Gray (@briebriejoy) April 28, 2022


Thank you @krystalball and @esaagar for having me on #breakingpoints to talk about The Fighting Soul https://t.co/qUkr4TqwhK

— Ari Rabin-Havt (@AriRabinHavt) April 26, 2022