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In my humble opinion is that Bernie’s revolution is underway, these candidate’s and the ones not listed here have boldly taken that first step towards taking back We the peoples Govt that has been stolen by the corporate controlled govt aka fascists. Its to late for my generation to make the changes as this is now a battle the next generation has to fight for by running these young progressive candidate’s and slowly take back the govt. Us old boomers can do our part by voting for these candidate’s whenever possible. The next generation also has to put judges in USSC positions and more importantly the lower courts where most decisions are made. Trumpcorp and the Rs are taking over the lower courts by appointing judges left and right and they appointed more lower court in Trumpcorp’s term at this point than any other recent president. So this is now a generational battle for the young revolution Berniecrats. They will have to be find progressive new judges for all levels of the court and also be able to appoint them by winning elections and be the majority to do it. It will take most of their lives to win this battle. It really boils down to this for the younger generation do you want to keep living under a corporate controlled govt that benefits only the few or do you want to have a govt that works for we the people. The battle is yours now and as I said us ole progressive boomers are dying off and we wont be here to see the results of the seed we helped Bernie plant in 2016 but we will vote for you when ever possible. Remember their are more Dem voters out their that are ready for FDR’s 2nd bill of rights for American the tough part is to get them out to vote for it.

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