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HomeBlack Lives MatterThe Second Amendment itself is racist – the dark, dirty secret of American history
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Raggedy Ann

Great essay, NV. This is how we need to start thinking, as a country, in order to back away from the violent gun culture we are fostering. I know all hell is breaking loose – and maybe it should – because we are, effectively, leaderless in our country, right now. What do I mean by that? Who is leading us? Barak? No. Congress? No. Our state legislatures? No. Our governors? No. Who? No one – and on purpose so we can go about killing one another with complete abandon. Laws have been written by ALEC and the NRA to ensure we are not being led down the path of compassion for one another; instead down the path of standing our ground by forgetting the person I’m looking at is a human being, just like I am, just like my kids, are, just like my parents are, etc., etc., etc. When will it end? When will we, the people, say ENOUGH?


I think we are seeing the beginnings of people rising up thanks in large part to grassroots activism like Black Lives Matter.

I say enough.

Raggedy Ann

I agree, completely. Grassroots efforts are the only way!


Star Strider

I believe it’s appropriate to start over with a completely new constitution. (I would use the Australian 1901 constitution, incorporating the 1999 referendum language. With a few minor tweaks, it would work here.)

We need a parliamentary system so that minority parties — and viewpoints — have some influence in the system in order to break the two-party lock on power. The right to keep and bear arms would be — as it is in Australia — governed by statute rather than being part of the constitution.

We might actually need another Revolution to accomplish that, but I believe it would be worth it.


Excellent post. Thanks, NVPainter.