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Thanks, Subir. It is definitely on. Kinda scary. But OK, Very glad we have the momentum. And yeah, it’s time to act.


Ditto. Thanks Subir for posting here. It also gives me the heads up to visit DK to recommend.


Exactly, beware the Clintony weasel words!

Who is Sean Collins by the way? That was a great tweet.


It’s time!

I’m getting depressed hearing all the horror stories these days. So much medical debt, so much stress, and way too many people saying things like, ‘I’m never going to go to the emergency room again and don’t you dare call an ambulance on me!’

Eileen R
Eileen R

I agree with everything you have said here. Thanks

Eileen R
Eileen R

I agree with everything you said. Thanks for the information, some of which is new to me.


Kamala Harris is still on my short list. It’s not only a matter of getting the legislation passed, you also have to deliver the policy. There will be gov’t price negotiations with all of the healthcare industries, all healthcare goods & services – hospital, Pharma, medical supplies & devices etc. No country can afford universal healthcare at current U.S. prices. The industries will be tough, for those negotiations you need a tough former prosecutor who knows where the bodies are buried.

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