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Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sounded the alarm about the need for further economic stimulus during the coronavirus crisis, and said “This is worse than the Great Depression.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed Sanders on Friday afternoon, and asked if there should be a national stay-at-home order.

“The answer is I agree, it is incomprehensible to me that we have governors who continue to think, who continue to do business as usual rather the issue stay at home orders,” Sanders said. “And if they are not able to do that, then the federal government should do it.”

“But I think most importantly, Anderson, what we as a nation have to come to grips with right now is that, not only in our lifetimes but in the modern history of this country, there has never ever been a moment like this,” he continued. “We’re dealing with two simultaneous crises. That is the coronavirus pandemic and the economic meltdown.”

Sanders cited the recent monumental job losses, and said “what I’m working on right now… is to develop new legislation, unprecedented in its scope, to address the health crisis that we’re facing,and to address the economic crisis that we are now facing.”

“We were talking about a new stimulus bill, and you’ve said that you want to guarantee paychecks for every American worker who has lost their jobs, I know Mitch McConnell and other Republicans are saying well you know what let’s wait a couple of weeks, let’s wait 30 days just days to see how the other stimulus thing, how that plays out which is slow to actually be felt by people and then let’s talk about more stimulus,” Cooper interrupted. “You say the time is now.”

Sanders compared that attitude with that of governors waiting to issue lockdowns, and said “We cannot wait and see. What we are looking at is a loss of jobs that is unprecedented in the United States of America. Never happened before. This is worse than the Great Depression.”

He said that he voted for the last stimulus, and he hopes it is enacted quickly, “But it is not enough.”

Sanders said the next stimulus bill should “say to every worker in America ‘You know what? You’re not getting paid now, but you are going to remain on the payroll of your company because the federal government, at least for the next 6 months, is going to be covering the cost.”

Sanders’ sobering declaration is not outside the realm of reality. Unemployment spiked at an estimated 25 percent during the Great Depression, and just yesterday, an analysis from Marketwatch said that “The soaring U.S. unemployment rate might not match the peak of 25% seen during the Great Depression of the 1930s, but it could come uncomfortably close in the next few months.”


I guess we’re lucky, because trucking is considered “essential”. But some factories are shut down, and hubs is getting a lot of brokered loads. His regular schedule is only partially intact. And it’s screwing up the paychecks, big time. So even the people that are still working are not getting normal paychecks during this time.

Hubs was off work for a month and a half for a hernia surgery, so we used up all our savings and a good bit of our credit card slush fund. Not good timing, at all. (Well, the surgery was, because he needed it badly, and now it wouldn’t be happening.) We are upper working class, but even so, between housing, medical, auto, insurance etc, there STILL isn’t that much of a cushion.


All working class people are 1 major surgery away from the poor house thanks to our greedcare system




Aw shit, phatkat, so sorry to hear of the surgery and outrageous use of savings to address medical issues!

I certainly hope that your “hubs” at least has some relief from his issue!

As I drive into work a couple of days a week, like I did today, I see how the trucks are still booking along, people need their supplies but, overall, I can tell that there’s been a drop-off in commerce.

We here did the same at one point, had to tap cc credit, to remedy Mr. Mag’s pinched nerve- cost us $10k that we didnt’ have. Had to do it though.

I hope Mr. phatkhat feels better now. And that you also feel better too. It’s so hard when one’s partner is hurting!



As I am sometimes ‘working from home’ these days, I’ve seen Veshi’s show on occasion while eating late breakfast or whatever (things get blurry when you work from home I find, his show might be more like lunch for all I know right now), and I’ve found him to be quite fair, am thinking that he’s on the side of the good people.

It’s been like Veshi has been going to great pains to focus on the needs of the people, ringing the alarm, and highlighting other countries’ policies that are better.

i.e. Bernie is a champion for Veshi’s causes.

Yesterday morning he had on Sara Nelson. As you may know, I’m a big fan of hers. She did great and Veshi gave her lots of space to relay her concerns.

Just found this:

Sara Nelson Says People Are Ready for Solidarity

The coronavirus threatens not just our health care systems but global capitalism as a whole. Few workers understand better what this crisis means than those in the airline industry, a workforce that feels early on the effects of every economic shock. Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants–Communications Workers of America, has been battling to make sure that this crisis doesn’t fall, as earlier ones have, on the backs of her members and the working class as a whole. She spoke to The Nation about what it will take to ensure that the government puts working people, not corporate bottom lines, first, and what we can learn from this moment about the fights to come, particularly the battle against climate catastrophe.

Sara is a fighter.

Who died on 9/11? It was front-line people and our passengers. Who suffered in the bankruptcies that followed? It was me and my friends. They took our pensions, they slashed our pay by more than 40 percent, diminished our health care, cut our jobs. They put it on our backs. For a lot of people, that meant real personal loss of our homes and cars and stressed marriages and divorces and the pain of telling our kids that they had to do without. We’ve seen this before, and we know exactly what didn’t work. We won’t stand for it again. We won’t let that happen to the rest of the country.

There’s too much to share (please go to the link) but here is one other bit:

SN: This is shining a bright light on what we know in the labor movement: Labor has no borders, and an injury to one is an injury to all.

It really doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor or what you believe or where you live or who you love. If there is one person who is infected here, if we are not treating that one person, we are all at risk. We can’t just focus on our country and our individual needs. We are all in this together. It is the exact kind of recognition and awakening that we need to be able to take on the climate crisis hurtling towards us.

It is a crisis that working people are simply not going to allow to be put, once again, on our backs. In fact, we are coming for blood this time. No more stock buybacks. This is about putting in place a system that actually cares for people, that actually works for people.

Wait, did she just say that “we are coming for blood this time”?? Oh yah, she did.

Between you and me, I think she can get away with that kind of talk cuz she’s a blond, well-spoken, white woman. And she uses that advantage for all it’s worth.

My original point, lol, is that I’m glad that Veshi had both Sara and Bernie on recently.
A good thing. 😉



Tell it brothers and sisters!



Thank you la58, I went to your link and donated my typical $2.70, hadn’t done that in awhile actually. Tough times. But it felt right.

My only regret is that I didn’t do it through The Progressive Wing. I’ll try to do that soon.



I’d say that in these times I’m also “pretty damn sure” that anyone who’s been manning the cash registers, and stocking the shelves with people milling around them, or working in hospitals (!!) sure do deserve a big raise.

Even $15 is far too low by this point. I hope a movement develops to push for $20/hr for anyone who comes into contact with the public on a regular basis.

People shouldn’t be putting their lives at risk for anything other than a fair wage!


When I was working retail, you wouldn’t believe sone of the shit I had to clean up – literally. People’s kids and dogs would leave all kinds of detritus behind, and they were so unconcerned as to simply stroll away. The dog stuff wasn’t too bad, but the human stuff…

And yes, that’s a health hazard.



Here’s step 1:

Offer him Bernie’s bill and tell them it will he called Trumpcare and every American will get all their healthcare from Trump, forever. Say his picture has to be in every doctor’s office if it sweetens the deal— A Space Man 𓀏 𓍐𓍒𓌐𓋨𓐭 (@a__spaceman) April 3, 2020


Well, there’s an idea! Bernie wouldn’t care what it’s called, as long as it takes care of people.


Bernie lays out some of his plan on Ali’s show this afternoon.


T and R, la58!! 🙂 Signed the petition, too.