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Don midwest
Don midwest

video brought tears to my eyes

politics is very important and this requires building collectives like she is doing

yesterday there was a piece, as I recall on democracynow, on how they took back the public schools and changed local government in Phlly

as a Bruno Latour fan, I keep going back to his work

I have probably posted this one before

He asks is politics possible? Politics is circular, not linear.

So in this campaign video we see a candidate. It takes a wider context to realize that this is authentic and it is important and to enlist people to act

but this video could be read as just another politicans

institutions are important. As the empire collapses institutions are under attack on all sides. Need no rules except those which allow the super wealthy to prosper and to extract more resources from the earth

enough of that

here is Bruno Latour on politics


Political enunciation remains an enigma as long as it is considered from the
standpoint of information transfer. It remains as unintelligible as religious talk. The paper explores the specificty of this regime and especially the strange link it has with the canonical definition of enunciation in linguistics and semiotics. The ‘political circle’ is reconstituted and thus also the reasons why a ‘transparent’ or
‘rational’political speech act destroys the very conditions of group formation

What if we Talked Politics a Little?

Here is her campaign video


Chipped in $5. She seems to be on the “right” side of the issues.