HomeCandidates 2018Andy ThorburnThis Single Payer Supporting Health Insurance Executive Just Kicked Off His CA-39 Campaign With A $2 Million Dollar Loan
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What is this guy’s position on reversing the 1973 HMO Act and addressing climate change among other problems? Is he a real democrat? No more Turd Wayers for me. T and R, LD!!


No candidate has really talked about the 73HMO act other than Berniecare for all


I would be curious if RoseAnn DeMoro had any comments with regards to his candidacy.


Not sure if he has the backing of or it is just a coincidence.


Alumni of the Obama administration are heeding their former boss’ call to get in the game themselves and run for office in response the election of President Donald Trump and to continue what the former president started.

Sam Jammal, an Obama appointee in the Commerce Department who is running in California’s 39th District against Republican Rep. Ed Royce, said he was heeding those words.

“The president’s message was to get into the arena,” Jammal said.

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