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HomeBernie SandersThomas Frank on Clinton & Democratic Establishment: What Happened to the Party of the People?
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Watched Democracy Now this AM…. was hoping to see this out here somewhere. Good capture LieparDestin


Thanks, LD. I think I saw a similar interview on Real Time, except Frank’s book wasn’t quite out yet.

I watched most of Clinton’s speech today, and it sounded like the speeches in 2008. I’m befuddled as to why anyone thinks Clinton is a better candidate in 2016. I’ve concluded that many believe it was HC’s turn.

One thing I noted in Bernie’s interview today is that he has spent little time in DC–he goes home each weekend. One of the reasons that I think Bernie was a huge allergen was likely that Sanders wasn’t one to entertain other members or accept lobbyists lavish dinners/fundraisers.

What’s really cool to me is that I see Bernie’s legacy already. More R’s are in trouble in their races this year and inequality came to the forefront. But as Bernie said numerous times, it’s up to the people to make certain to vote for candidates who recognize that there is systematic inequality across the board. As Frank noted in his first book, we need to quit voting against our economic interests.


Party Of The People?

Corporations are people to, my friend…


Precisely! But they can get away with murder.


Love Frank. Thanks, LD.

“Every single one of” Bill Clinton’s major achievements was a conservative, right wing accomplishment.


Thanks LD–it is so wonderful that you centralize all this info for us–mil gracias!


I really like the direction this Progressive Wing is going. I listen to DemocracyNow every weekend, and then review it over the weekend. I also follow Frank’s The Baffler which has some of the best writing around, IMO. I read Corey Pein’s I Dreamed President Trump Tweeted the Nuclear Launch Codesand laughed until I cried.

OK, messed up the link, but here it is:


I couldn’t watch. I’m absolutely sickened by this presidential year. We are no longer a democracy. Koch’s have won.


To my perspective, Mr. Frank is batting 1,000. Right on the money. (& right about it, too.)

This (r)evolution we’re in needs good engine, rudder, dock and anchor. We’ve got those, now; are getting better at steering while we get better grounded in the current ‘weather’ of our political system; and – this is important – Our Wake doesn’t knock anyone off their own ‘lil boat, either.

Time for the opposition to stop having so many ‘allergic reactions’ to Our Presence! I hear a chant in my head: “We’re here!! We’re there!! You’re gonna have to get used to it!!” (repeat as needed, PRN. ;-D)