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Spring Texan

Thanks, Liepar. Hadn’t seen this. Just sent them $250, which is MUCH more than I’ve ever sent them in the past. Hope it helps. They have been doing a fantastic job on coverage.

Looks like their average contribution is about $35 (more like what I’ve sent in the past).


Thanks, Liepar. This is important.

I wish it could have been more, but I threw them a “Bernie.” 🙂


It looks like their site has been given the Daily Kos treatment.


Thanks for the nudge, LD. Just put a check in the mail–no more procrastinating!


Sent $25, and as always I wish it could be more. Thanks for sharing LD.


Thanks, LD. I was considering bringing this over, but figured that you’d rather our money go to here.

You are a generous man!

BTW, I’m still giving what i can to the delegates. It will go to here after the elections.

Star Strider

Thanks! I’d not visited there recently, spending most of my time here (and MATLAB Answers), so I missed that. Sent them $50 and bookmarked them this time as well.


Ten bucks is all we can do right now – and do it we have.


They punish CD but demand we contribute to all the orgs that supported Hillary. Assholes, they are.