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Seems to me war fatigue syndrome shouldn’t have renewed funding, yet we can’t find $47 B either for public colleges, technical schools and university tuition to be free. What will happen for providing funds for hurricane afflicted areas? Flint’s water system has been funded, but probably not enough to replace it.


As an aging retired political junkie/futurist, I am SO SICK of the MICC and its pansies…..there are no words to describe it. I will no longer waste my precious vote on anyone/anything that stinks remotely like this nauseating entity does! T and R, Subir!!


what orlbucfan said.


We made some progress for a while, but now it seems that there is a mighty, destructive power in place and it will take time and creativity and courage to change our path or war, on people, on the planet, on our very souls.

This is truly deranged and obviously money, not compassion or even intelligence is what’s running the show. Like on OUAT, their hearts blacken with each person that dies needlessly, with each climate and war refugee.

How can we break through this collective trance?

Correction: One list showed Wyden as a Yea and one as a Nay. If he was a Nay, I jump for joy and apologize.

And T&R, subir!


Oh yes, and don’t forget, the actual “defense” cost is much higher, with some not reported (national security), with contractors not paying taxes, with black budgets and with plain old unaccountability. I’d say it’s well over a trillion.


Spies, Hollywood And Neocons Team Up To Create New War Propaganda Firm

“We have been attacked. We are at war.”

So begins a video released today by The Committee to Investigate Russia, an organization founded by When Harry Met Sally director Rob Reiner and neoconservative senior editor of The Atlantic David Frum. The video, which stars Morgan Freeman and is rife with patriotic images of American flags, soldiers and bald eagles, continues as follows:

I haven’t finished the article (have to pop off for a while), but i read most of it and it is truly scary. What’s with Reiner and Freeman? Pissed that Hill didn’t win?

I do not get why anyone would push for war, especially between two superpowers. Perhaps pissed that Russia had enough power to back Assad and perhaps keep him in power? Caitlin is looking more and more prophetic about our biggest problem being control of the media. I would add the voting process, but this stuff is scary.


Here’s Paul Joseph Watson on the same thing (We are at war.) Haven’t seen him before, but I like him. Can’t wait to see Jimmy Dore, TYT, the Humanist, et al on this.


Guilt and Punishment
Healing Original Sin

American collapse, then, teaches us a great and powerful lesson — not just economic, but this time psychological. To repress guilt is to bury it. But you cannot bury the undead. They will rise from the grave and punish you, torment you, taunt you. A society’s guilt, especially guilt as great and terrible as America’s, must be expressed, experienced, heard — and reconciled with truth, love, grace, forgiveness. If none of that can happen, then just like a person who has committed a crime against their family and still justifies it, no matter how deep the guilt is hidden, its demons will always roar. And whether or not such a person punishes themselves or others is besides the point: the ghost of the past that has never truly died.

Our guilt, like our pain, contains our possibility. And until and unless we feel it, see it, share it, and express it, so that it can be made right, that possibility shrinks, like a withering seed, into anger, fear, rage, and shame.