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Don midwest
Don midwest

We are not a country of small business

Just drive down the road and see all the corporate franchises

I recently saw an article which I can’t find now about INNOVATION is like a religion in the Boston area. I did a search on … Boston Innovation … which brought up pages of links , big time conferences, the state of Mass, universities like MIT, etc. No luck with that search to find out about how hard it is to run a business.

Then I did a search on ….. Boston start up failure …… And then most of the articles were about the joys of failure, namely innovators often went through early failures to the wonderful world of later business failure.

In the first Bernie rally in Columbus OH, I sat beside a small business owner who had driven over from Dayton OH. He said that small business was behind Bernie because the big guys get the breaks and can afford legions of specialists to play games with regulations, taxes, subsidies, etc.

The establishment supports big business which includes banksters who do not add to the economy but rule the roost.

How come the WalMart family has the wealth of 40% of Americans and subjects their employees to low wages, changes the game to reduce hours so not have to pay benefits, uses government subsides like food stamps, etc. I saw a story of another person putting almost a billion dollars into the election of his own money.

We are not a government of the people. Bernie said a couple of weeks ago that this country was not founded to be an oligarchy but that is what we are after the coup d’etat has been pulled off and Obama is pushing full speed ahead to lock in oligarchs by passing TPP in the lame duck session, The republicans are not going to save his ass, as they have on occasion done in the past, and they will go ahead and vote for TPP.

Thom Hartmann is great and makes a much better case for democrats than the DNC because the DNC is now working for the people and the DNC really doesn’t want to stand for the New Deal. Like the labor unions that have for the most part sold out to keep their seat at power, democrats are aligned with power and money.

Among the myths of our country is starting a small business to make a living. It is happening but against the odds.

If there was universal health care, that alone would do more for small business in one step than almost anything else. But, with health and insurance a huge part of the economy, and the corrupt political system, don’t see that happening soon unless something drastic changes.

Yesterday I started the long delayed projects around the house before going on the computer. This morning I turned on the computer to see the weather and stopped by here to see what was going on, and now I will go for a bike ride and then get to my chores. This has been almost like not turning on the computer just to stop at a couple of places and leaving this comment.


Hi Don!

Can I assume that you meant to say that “the DNC is NOT working for the people”? 😛

I hope you and Mrs. Midwest are doing well, and good luck with all of your projects. I love this time of year for doing “projects”. The cooler air gives me energy.


Thank you Anthony, well written as always. Thank you for posting at TPW.

joe from Lowell
joe from Lowell

You can use your economic development money to pay a company to locate somewhere it wouldn’t otherwise want to locate, or you can use it to make the community into a place that companies are eager to locate in. It’s clear which is going to give you more sustainable results.


Thank you, Excellent article, Anthony!
Please keep posting here when you have the opportunity.
Very much to the point on critically important, timely stuff!
One of my favorite books written on a lifetime of work as a laborer –
Reg Theriault “How to tell when you’re tired”
The people who do the work at the grass roots understand so much better how things really work than the layers of top down management in the oligarchies that our politicians love to pander to – to the detriment of stability in the economy, and sane policies. So counter productive…..


One of the things I appreciate about my little town is that they don’t allow chain businesses. No franchises, nothing you’d find somewhere else. So that means no Safeway — we have two local markets; no chain drugstore — they’re local. Okay, the banks are larger, though they’re still regional banks (the Bank of America decided we were not big enough for them anymore, and they pulled out a few years ago, even though our town is thriving).

High rents make it really tough for small businesses here, though. In a small-town version of a monopoly, a lot of the buildings along our main street were bought up by one family in the 1960s, and are now divided between two siblings who will even prefer to keep a storefront vacant than to reduce their rents.


Somehow i missed this. Looking forward to the next one and a belated thanks.