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I grew up at a business that catered to the exceptionally wealthy and learned early on that for many at some point of wealth it stops being ‘money’ and starts being points since they can buy anything they need already so now they are just trying to rack up a high score.

What this does is cause a mental disassociation between sustenance and survival, from actual money thus making it easy to take money from the poor as its just a game and they are just gaining points, but failing to see they are taking someones health and well being since they need that money just to survive. Given how broad the wealth division is in this country now its probably even worse than back then, with a host of haves vying from high point scores with a little up or down being irrelevant, oblivious how much a little up or down means to the have nots.

Business has always been a game but for most of the 20th century there were enough rules and refs to keep the game fair enough, but now the game is broken so the haves who continue to acquire more and more having every advantage over the have nots who as a whole control a fraction of just a small percent of the haves. We are reaching the end stages of the biggest game of monopoly ever except no one can actually win so they keep playing and playing. The current victory conditions I think are if the haves can put the game away somewhat neat and orderly before the have nots are forced to burn the board and pieces (and maybe a few of the players) to the ground.

In the last gilded age the rich were contained by logistics, they could only go so far doing harm, but in this gilded age the harm has no bounds, there is always something more to bomb or plunder so i expect things to get worse with little to keep the greed in check until the pitchforks come out.

The real problem is the masses are becoming so uneducated and desperate they will end up being just as dangerous as the greed heads, meaning its going to get worse before it gets even worse than that, unless we can put the breaks on soon while there is still some lingering sanity or there will only be bad options.


Great read as always. We need to keep hammering away at this veneer of respectability the military has amassed in this country. They are not respectable; they are a tumor that is destroying society here and abroad.

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