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T and R, pb4!!! 🙂 Check your email, okay? I have a gift in a box especially for you. LOL.


pb4: I don’t have your email, so left you a voicemail. Please text me back! ☮️💜


Sadly what Matt said is true.

Even Barbra Lee went along with them this time.


Finished the read. Thanks, pb4. 😊☮️ I was familiar with this background on the conflict. I’m irked by the “we” business. Who is we? Americans like me who are fully aware of the MICC machinations, and totally oppose them? I consider being lumped together an insult. 🤬 My tax dollars supporting sh1t like Eric Prince, Victoria Nuland, etc.? Spare me. The unnecessary sacrifice of both Russian and Ukrainians at Chernobyl? Neither country gained any advantage going into that active radiation zone. There are no winners in this one as usual.💩💩💩💩🤮🤮🤮🤮


Me -i’m totally sick of war being the human condition due the various MIC”s of the world profit margin. How much tax money is going to go Ukraine’s way to rebuild them? How much will go unaccounted for? Then the sad part is the innocents that simply wanted to live thier lives and thats now totally changed for the worse. What a waste!!!!


Hope everything is going well with you PB. Looks like a couple of good House election results in your state.