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Perhaps the next time Democrats are in power, we shouldn’t give in to circumspection. Perhaps we should prosecute war criminals, rather than let them run free to torture another day.




Dems way of turning lemons into lemonade?



reply on that tweet:

57 dem primary candidates are CIA.


T and R, subir!! What would we do without the YUPPIE-led DLCraporate Party? Obama should have cleaned out the Cheney/Dumbya trash infecting the federal government when he was elected in 2008. Mr. YUPPIE did not. Thanks, BO!



LOL from the Onion


Acknowledging the gender discrimination she faced in her field before receiving President Trump’s nomination to become the first female director of the CIA, career intelligence officer Gina Haspel recalled Tuesday having to torture many more prisoners than her male colleagues to prove herself. “For a long time, no one would take me seriously even though I was abusing twice as many detainees and employing far crueler methods than most of the men I worked with,” said Haspel, the current CIA deputy director, adding that her work overseeing the “Cat’s Eye” secret prison in Thailand in the early 2000s proved she could run an extralegal black site just as well as any man. “It was really frustrating how I’d have to continually come up with more innovative and brutal ways to torture high-value assets just to receive the slightest bit of recognition from my superiors, whereas the men who held the same position as me could just coast by on the same old sensory-deprivation techniques. I mean, I had to waterboard one suspected al-Qaeda member 83 times in a single month until he lost an eye—you think any of my male coworkers had to work that hard to get ahead? When you’re a woman, they never fully appreciate the things you do for them. It doesn’t matter how many videotapes of illegal torture you help destroy on the CIA’s behalf.” Haspel added that she hoped her promotion would help usher in a new age where there were more women like her in power.


A new leaf. I guess Pompeo’s anti-Iran anti-Islam stances are just fine with Schumer


The Senate’s top Democrat is not calling on his fellow party members to oppose President Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state—torture-praising Mike Pompeo—or his nominee to lead the CIA—”actual torturer” Gina Haspel.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New York made his stance clear to reporters on Tuesday.

Schumer said Pompeo and Haspel face “lots of outstanding questions,” but hoped that if Pompeo is confirmed, he “will turn over a new leaf and will start toughening up our policies towards Russia and Putin.”